10 Incredible Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House

Whether you are working from home, looking where your children can study or play, or simply want to tidy up your house, here are 10 incredible home storage ideas to make your house, tidy, organized, and make sure everything is in their place when you need anything anytime of the say.

Why not do storage shelves?

Storage shelves are a good way of organizing various office or home supplies, like papers, extra cords, even equipment or old appliances, out of one’s view. A closet organizer with labels can help you or any member of your family to find any item quickly. Such storage units can help hide your house clutter and make sure everything is within reach, 24/7.

How about a garage cabinet for your bills and keys?

One of the challenging items in any household is making sure keys and bills are organized. A garage cabinet can store every bill or key in place, removing your constant worry where the car key or power bill is located again.

Try garage shelving

Garage shelving can be quick to build, does not need to entail a lot of money, and endlessly customizable. This kind of garage storage can be a good method of storing old toys, worn appliances, unused equipment off your bedroom or living room.

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Consider using box shelves

You can also consider buying or creating storage racks, which can create spaces for you to organize books, papers, magazines, shoes, hats and various types of knick-knacks lying around the house.

Glass Jars

A practical and inexpensive decor favorite of some, jars in various shapes and sizes, can be the ideal location for your children’s crayons, pencils, clips, and other little items in your house. You can get some glass jars from your nearby supermarket or even recycle old ones in various colors and heights to store your little items and place them on an open shelf to achieve a dramatic effect.

Hang items up

Stacking various items on your shelf does not have to be your only option to organize things. Why not hang them instead?

Using a simple rod and clip system that you can consider as a form of closet storage, everyday things such as curtain clips, wire baskets, photos, and important notes can be easily and neatly organized.

Storing cords

You think a dresser only stores clothes or files? You can also use dressers to store those hideous electronic cables or cords out of sight to have a house that is not only organized but also sleek.

Of course, when you start to organize all the cables, cords, or charges that you or your family member use, make sure you discard those that do not work anymore. Identify which ones are still usable or if you are not sure, you can go to a nearby electronics shop or look for an electrician to check which ones you should keep or throw out.

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File It

Getting a filing cabinet in your house may sound quite too industrial, but actually, getting one does not have to be, especially if your purpose is organizing and tidying up your house.

You can use paint or even create new handles in a filing cabinet to get that new, unique appearance to a stock filing cabinet. This can make your house very one-of-a-kind, not to mention organized. Inside the cabinet you are using, you can color-code documents by a certain order or type to make sure items are going to be easy to check.


Given the number of small items in your house, it is not surprising why it is sometimes hard to keep and organize things easy to find. How about using old items such as an old muffin tin by using it to organize little things such as paper clips, rubber bands, or pencils? You will be happy you did.