5 First-Rate Benefits of Choosing Reclaimed Wood Flooring For Your Home

Instead of opting for a floor which is made from ordinary harvested wood, why not think about reclaimed wood flooring which has a history behind it and offers a truly unique choice when it comes to wooden flooring? You will also be doing the environment justice since no existing trees are used. Even if you are not awe-struck about its heritage, a reclaimed wood floor has numerous benefits that newly harvested wood just doesn’t offer.

Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

1. An Ecological-Friendly Choice

Reclaimed wood floors are constructed from wood that is reused which was otherwise intended for the waste stream. You are contributing to the environment by selecting this option since it saves resources by conserving existing habitats and forests. Fewer materials which were salvaged from demolishing old structure land up at landfills.
An Ecological-Friendly Choice

2. Every Floor Is One Of A Kind

If you are in the market for obtaining a truly unique floor, you can get that when you are opting for recycled flooring. For instance, you may end up with a floor which was manufactured from an old-growth Douglas fir or even a 500-year old Chinese Elm. Salvaged wood has a rich history that newly shopped wood can’t offer. Reclaimed lumber is eye-catching too. For example, many people opt for reclaimed oak flooring with unique grains, colors, and patinas which can only be obtained with aging.

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3. You May Be Getting Floors Which Are Made Responsibly With Exotic And Extinct Wood

Some of the wood used in former times to construct buildings were built with rare wood species which don’t exist for commercial use anymore. For instance, American Chestnut was virtually destroyed by a blight that happened during the turn of the century. You can still get American Chestnut from reclaimed wood. Teak, a primarily old growth, is also a wood species which is rare nowadays. Reclaimed teak timbers from which is obtained from older buildings which were stripped to build modern buildings is a source for laying old-growth teak flooring. Salvaged wood floors are an excellent method for protecting wood types that you wouldn’t alternatively be able to do.

4. Customer Enjoy The Benefits Of Old Growth Wood Without Causing Harm To The Few Existing Forests

Customer Enjoy The Benefits Of Old Growth Wood Without Causing Harm To The Few Existing Forests
Old grown is the term that describes wood which is harvested from trees that took centuries to advance. Old wood contains specific characteristics such as clarity and a tight, dense grain, unlike the wood from new growth trees. As a result, you are getting a durable and highly sought-after type of timber. Installing flooring which is made from old growth Douglas fir and removed from century-old beams can be done with reclaimed wood floors as an option. And as a result, you are doing your part in preserving the few remaining areas of old-growth forest.

5. You Can Choose Contemporary Amenities With This Option Too

Repurposed wood floors are obtainable from sources that have engineered forms. This enables you to select a floor that can be installed in places where solid wood floors can’t, for instance, basements. The top surface of repurposed wood is laminated to a substrate in the same way as modern-day engineered hardwood flooring.