5 Residential Architecture Trends to Follow When Building a Home

When compared to all those trends regarding clothes and interior design, the ones related to architecture are not something that changes on a regular basis. Yet, if you are about to build or buy a house, you can still learn about several ideas that you might find useful. From contemporary houses with a traditional twist to the ones that are built in a way to be disaster-resistant, find out what suits your taste and capabilities the most and have a home of your dreams.

Unite contemporary and traditional

There are countries that tend to follow the latest trends in architecture more than others. For example, one can find their inspiration observing Australian lots, for many of them look like fantasy. One of the reasons why this is the case is because of the combination of modern looks and traditional elements. Houses are designed in a way to have all the characteristics that make them contemporary while at the same time having a fireplace, for instance, which is an element that never gets old and is the heart of any stylish living room. If you want a home like this, you can count on project home builders in Sydney.

Think eco-friendly

If something has been catching on lately, those are definitely buildings that are environmentally friendly. Considering everything this noble choice has to offer, it is completely understandable. They say that ecological architecture is changing the way we live – it makes it better, to put it simply. More and more people decide to live in self-sustaining homes that are built from recycled products. These houses are usually small, which means they have a smaller area that you have to heat and cool, but this is not their only advantage. They also offer a healthy indoor environment, they are water- and energy-efficient, and one more upside is a lower carbon footprint.

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Rooms that are multipurpose

Do you think it is great to have an office room that can be easily transformed into a guest room or a dining room that becomes the extension of your living room? If you fancy this idea, you will be thrilled to learn that it has been quite a trend. You can have a kitchen with a bar, making it also look like a modern dining room or you can do something interesting with your garage, making it more functional. You can also benefit a lot from combining bedroom furniture with things you would put in a study.
Rooms that are multipurpose

Bold combinations of colors

Bright colors and contrasts that are audacious will add character to any space. This is a trend that is growing in popularity and people accept it all over the world. If you like nature, a thing you can do is paint your living room wall vibrant green and put an orange sofa with some white pillows on it there. You can also play with the colors of the ocean, for example by painting your wall turquoise and then adding greenish couch with purple details surrounding it. You can experiment and combine any color you enjoy looking at, and it will make your rooms look lively.

Natural disaster-resistant homes

Lastly, there is one more trend that deserves to be mentioned that is quite practical. We are talking about houses that are made in such a way to have the characteristic of being natural disaster-proof. If you live in an area where floods, hurricanes and tornadoes are common, you know the importance of a resistant lot. This might be a big challenge for the architects because they need to create something that is going to be indestructible. They also need to pay attention that these homes are eco-friendly and please the aesthetic standards.

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You can choose to build your dream house with recycled materials or you can find a genius architect who knows what he is doing and who can build you a home that is indestructible. You can go wild with colors and have rooms that serve more than one purpose. Everyone should have a house that responds to their tastes, and today there are so many trends one can consider. With all these ideas, planning how to build something you like will be fun like nothing else.