5 Signs Your Home Air Conditioner Needs A Maintenance

Whether it is peak summer heat or winter chill, only your home air conditioner can come to your rescue. It ensures that the temperature inside your living space is under control and the air quality is optimal as well. However, you may seldom appreciate all the good work it does. Rather, it is easy to ignore that your home air conditioning system is actually overworking. This is something you should pay attention to because you may end up shortening the lifespan of the system by exerting excessive pressure on it. Here are some signs that you are overworking your home air conditioner.

Lack of proper cooling

Your air conditioner runs day and night but still fails to cool or heat your living space to the desired temperature. This could be an indication of a serious problem because the system overworks yet fails to give you the results it should. There could be different reasons why it may be struggling. A dirty air filter could be responsible and just replacing it could reduce the pressure on the system. On the other hand, there could be a more serious concern such as a weak compressor.

Warm and cool spots

Uneven cooling in your home is another sign that shows an overburdened air conditioning system. You may notice that some parts of the home are cooler as compared to the others. This means that the system may be struggling to make up for a failing thermostat, faulty compressor or ductwork leaks and disconnections. Similarly, spots with excessive humidity also warrant immediate corrective action.

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The sudden increase in energy bills

When your home air conditioner works harder than it should, this will obviously reflect on your electricity bills. A sudden spike in your monthly bills is a reason to worry. It could indicate broken or worn parts and neglected maintenance. Take it as a warning sign and call a professional for air conditioning repair las vegas sooner rather than later. You may have to spend today but will surely save up in the long run.

Excess pressure on the thermostat

If you need to set and reset your thermostat time and again, this is a sure sign of an extra burden on your home air conditioning system. The worst part is that you may end up damaging the thermostat while the main system is already overworked. So you will need to deal with two issues instead of one in this situation.

Leaks, foul smell and strange noises

Leaks are never good because they can cause structural damage to your living space and things are even more critical if your home air conditioner is leaking. This means that the system is struggling to keep up with the cooling or heating requirements of your home. A foul odor from the unit could mean that your system is infected with microbes. Similarly, strange noises emanating from the system is another indication that you should not ignore.

Keeping an eye on these signs is the best way to handle problems before they turn into serious concerns. Timely resolution for an overworked system not only enables you to save money but reduces hassles as well.