5 Top Tips For Choosing A Swimming Pool Builder

Before you can go ahead with your swimming pool building project, there are a few things to be on the lookout for when selecting a swimming pool builder. If you want to learn more, have a look at our five top tips below.

Selecting a pool builder is not minimalistic task and not a choice that must be made lightly. The wrong decision could result in costly repairs, therefore, the decision must be taken carefully.

Verifying Credentials

Verifying Credentials

A great place to begin when selecting a pool building contractor is by checking their credentials. Check how many years they’ve been in business and the quantity of pools they’ve installed in the past year. Ask them about who takes care of the construction of the pool and which subcontractors they make use of. Make sure you verify their licensing and certification of everyone involved in the installation process. If you can, visit their physical location, meet the staff and tour their showroom to see some examples of their work.

Evaluating Customer Satisfaction Levels

Finding out more about the personal experiences is an excellent method of learning more about the agency. Check references and contact some of the customers. Ask some questions about the types of pools that were installed, when it was installed and the level of professionalism of the contractor. It pays to check out the company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau. Every company will get a negative review at some point, however, pay special attention about how the company addresses complaints.

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Checking Affiliations

Trade associations often offer lists of members who comply to a code of company ethics and encourage professional development. Find out if the pool builders Lennox head you’re planning on using is associated with such affiliations

Listening To Your Gut

Listening To Your Gut

First impressions are vital; however, they are often wrong. Don’t make assumptions prematurely about a company based purely on your first impression. Visit their premises and review how they conduct their daily business. When speaking to the contractor, be aware of red flags such as:

  • No official premises where they conduct business.
  • An unrealistically cheap estimate.
  • Asking for cash payment or a significant deposit upfront.
  • Pressurizing you to decide promptly or to finance through them or an affiliated lender.
  • General shortage of professionalism in both behavior and appearance.
  • High-pressure scare tactics, sales tactics, and bullying are all signs that you should make a break as quickly as you can.

Asking Them About Their Insurance

Ask them about their insurance agency that you can contact to review a copy of their certificate of insurance. The contractor’s reaction to such a straightforward request will tell you a lot. A professional and credible builder will have no problem with providing you with his insurance company’s particulars. If the contractor seems uncomfortable about the question and come up with some excuse to find a copy or quickly produce something that they have on hand, it’s best to look for another builder. Many companies also make use of subcontractors. It’s worth finding out if the potential contractor has Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and general liability insurance is essential to cover for any expenses due to unforeseen situations on site.