8 Jewellery Hacks That Will Change Your Style

Fashion goes in and out of the top trends list, style is something you chose yourself. And if you have the freedom to choose your own style, why not choose something which is no lesser than the greatest, unique and fabulous. To every woman whose eyes can’t miss a pair of jhumki earrings on the street market, to every woman whose fingers automatically reach out to that sterling silver trinket, to every woman for whom style is something she is made of, to all these women, here are 8 gorgeous jewellery hacks that might help you change your style to even more stylish!

Let’s dive in.

Chalks for Silver Jewellery

Chalks Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery, in general is quite vulnerable to tarnishing that leaves a smoky blackened coating all over it. You too might have noticed that more than any other metal, your silver jewellery makes the most number of trips for polishing services.

Anyhow. That won’t happen now. To prevent your silver jewellery from darkening, take a piece, or maybe two of chalk, and keep it inside the jewellery box. Chalk is notorious for absorbing all the moisture from the box, thus will help your jewellery stay dry. If you feel that chalk is scrubbing off the surface of the box, you can wrap it in a piece of napkin or gauze.

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Use Dishwasher for Diamonds

Women love diamonds, and vice versa maybe. However, diamonds are more prone to dust than the skin on which they are worn. To clean your diamond jewellery and to wipe off the dust, you can use your dishwasher soap along with water. As an alternative, you can dip the jewellery in a bowl filled with vodka!

Use Nail Polish to Make a Necklace

Use Nail Polish to Make a Necklace
Take a jewellery pendant cap and fill it with some color changing nail polish. Colour changing nail polish is the one that changes its colour based on the temperature of your body. Okay, so after filling the cap with nail polish, add some transparent adhesive or glue to it. Shield it by pasting a cut glass hemisphere. Slip in a silver chain in the cap pendant, and there you are, a vibrant woman with a vibrant necklace!

Use Lubrication if Your Ring Gets Stuck

Finger rings get stuck. It’s not uncommon, especially in summers and humidity. To clear it out of your fingers, you can use a lubrication liquid such as the window cleaning agent. Rub it over the finger and see the ring slipping off.

Create a Nature Style Jewellery Piece

Take a mold or 3D stencil. It can be for a bracelet or earrings. Add some natural flowers, herbs or leaves in it. Now fill the mold with transparent casting glue. Let the contents dry. Now, take out the contents from your mold. Your minty fresh jewellery is ready.

Use Transparent boxes and packets

Especially during your travels or visits, jewellery is best carried in transparent boxes. Rather, in home too you can store your jewellery in transparent boxes. It helps in organisation too. Plus if you’re carrying a piece or few with you, transparent plastic packets will prevent them from tangling.

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Create Your Own Bracelet

Create Your Own Bracelet
Let’s accept it. Jewellery is never enough. One more bracelet, that too without spending much is like any woman will love to have. To create your own bracelet, take differently coloured stripes of satin ribbons, a needle pin, a long thread, some glass beads and other decorative material of your choice. Put thread into the needle pin and lock one of its ends for needle work. Now stitch a ribbon in the thread in zigzag manner, add the glass beads and decorative material. Stitch another ribbon and repeat the process until it forms a string. Lock the other end of the thread with knots and clasp the two ends using metal hooks or paper clips.

Restoring the Shine of Imitation Jewellery

Take a bowl of steel or a bowl wrapped in aluminium foil. Fill it with hot water along with a pinch of salt and baking soda. Put your tarnished jewellery in the bowl, stir it for a minute, then take it out and let it dry. The mixture will have formed a shiny coating on the surface, restoring the shine of your jewellery.