Behind-The-Scenes Improvements to Make for a Healthier, More Beautiful Home

When renovating a property, a lot of emphasis is placed on the look of the room, but that element should actually come last. Before you worry about what shade of blue you want for your living room, or what type of material you want in your new kitchen, you must first look at your systems. Every home has several systems keeping it healthy and happy, but without proper maintenance and care can downgrade quickly. Products like limescale remover can really help you to keep clean your home or office.

From heating quality to air quality, these are the top behind-the-scenes improves that you will need to make if you wish to have a healthier, more beautiful home:

Have a Professional Inspection

While many people hire inspectors to go through their home before they buy it, not many splurge on the full-service. When it comes to starting any renovation project, however, this can be the best way to focus your efforts on areas that matter.

From water pressure, to energy efficiency, right down to where Wi-Fi signal doesn’t quite reach, you will have a comprehensive list of what needs upgrading for the ultimate home.

Upgrade Your Air Filtration System

The air you breathe is something that has the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing. From particulates to pollutants, dirty air can make us feel more sluggish and generally wreaks havoc on our health. That is why the first step is to either install a complete air filtration system, or to upgrade your existing system with high efficiency air filters, electronic air filters, or URV air filters. Bring a professional in to discuss all of your air filtration options and choose the best one for your home. Your health will thank you.

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Upgrade Your Furnace

The second step is to look at your furnace or HVAC system. You will either want to replace, repair, or at the very least have it deep cleaned so that it is running as effectively as possible. If you don’t do this, you could inadvertently set the wrong expectation for yourself. That expectation being that high energy bills is just a reality of your new home.

Inspect Your Water Boiler

Have someone come in and professionally inspect your water boiler for any faults or issues. You will want to have consistent, pleasant water pressure throughout the home.

Descale Your Taps

Go through the effort of descaling any taps, shower heads, and hoses so that they are at their best.

Unclog Your Drains

Finally get a snake and commit to the dirty job that is unclogging a drain. While unclogging chemicals can do wonders, they can miss things. The best way to know your drains are free is to get a snake down there, take out everything you can reach, and then pour the drain unclogging chemical.

All of these home improvements should be done before you look into renovating your kitchen or repainting your hallways, because these are the issues that will persevere until they are finished and affect your quality of life the most.