Quick and Easy Wooden Lathe Projects for Beginners

Having a personal lathe can make several jobs amazingly quick and easy. For instance, works like turning, threading, etc. It is easy to learn the procedure of using a wood lathe. But mastering this art is equally difficult.

This article contains some basic wooden lathe projects for beginners that are fast and simple. Therefore, if you are looking forward to any inaugural woodturning project or anything new to try using a lathe, then this article is helpful for you. Also, if you want, you can visit https://www.sharpen-up.com/ for more ideas.

  • Wooden Box:

Wooden Box

You can make a simple timber box using a lathe for keeping small stuff. It is a simple box having a blank canvas that can be created using a skew chisel or spindle gouge. It is a very simple project that you can perform to practice spindle skills and expand your artistic style. However, it may take a few tries to get the perfect fit. Therefore, be patient and focused while building the fit between the base and the lid.

  • Wooden Bangles:

Bangles have always been a fascination for women. Hence, for women, those who are house makers and think about how to utilize their spare time, making wooden bangles for themselves at home is a good option. It is so easy that anybody can also include their children and teach them. Also, if anybody wants, they can gift it to others as well.

These kind of bangles are comparatively durable than glass or rubber bangles. You can also have wood burn designs into them as per your choice to give it a unique look. There are also instructing guides available on making these jewellery pieces.

  • Wooden Bowls:

Who doesn’t require bowls on their daily basis household chores? Also, it may not always be possible to get the exact shape or size of the bowl you desire in the market every time. So why not make it at home?
Wooden Bowls
Starting with small, shallow bowls of about 8″ diameter having a large opening, you can make anything you want. You can easily shape the interior of the bowl, but require extra focus while working on the cuts. You can make the curving process easier by turning your initial few bowls out of soft and forgiving greenwood.

  • Wooden Spoons:

Spoons are other essential tools that are required in every household. Just like wooden bowls, wooden spoons are also long-lasting. As they don’t break easily, no matter how many they slip over from your hand or table. Also, another advantage of using these kinds of spoons is that they don’t cause any reaction that alters the taste of your food.

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Besides, metal utensils tend to ruin dough and other foods that contain bacteria or yeasts. It is very easy to prepare a wooden spoon with the help of lathe. And it requires a very less amount of skills to produce a perfect shaped spoon. Thus, kids can also use them.

  • Wooden Goblet:

Everyone has watched goblets used for serving drinks or beverages in prestigious ceremonies. And no doubt it delivers a royal impression among the guests. So why not use them in your next party spending any extra sum? Yes, you can easily make wooden goblets of different shapes and sizes with the help of lathe.

Using thicker stem results in wider and less chatter, while a shallower cup makes the interior less rigorous. If you want to polish your spindle skills, then these goblets are an excellent option to start with as the spindle gouge is highly used for both the shaping and detailing work.

  • Wooden Flower Pots:

Wooden Flower Pots
Everybody loves to decorate their home with flowers and flower pots. And now, while you have a lathe at your home, you can easily make several wooden flower pots matching with your interior design. They are mainly miniature vases designed for weed flowers or dandelions. Unlike the larger vases, the holes of these vases are drilled that keeps the displayed flowers or plants alive for a long period.

Hence, the above-enlisted names are some of the basic wooden lathe stuff, especially for the beginners. As they are very simple to make and helps to master your skills at the same time.