Best Solutions to Keep Your House Warm on a Budget During the Winter

Typically, people end up spending more money on various things during the winter. And heating is one of those things where the extra money goes monthly during those months. Typically, heating your home will eat up to 70% of the household energy consumption, which is a lot. But fortunately, there are some simple and affordable ways to optimize the heating in your home, on a budget. Below are some pieces of advice that will help you keep your heating expenses low and enjoy a warm and comfortable indoor temperature.

Use the right ventilation

Using the right ventilation system can help you save so much money during the cold winter months and even if you have to bring some improvements to your existing one, this will be an investment with high rates of return. Follow the tips below to improve your indoor ventilation.

  • Replace your traditional bathroom exhaust switches with . This way, your vents cannot be left on by accident and you’ll be safe even if you forget to turn those off. Use your vents only when absolutely necessary. If your home situation allows you to have a little less privacy but use the shower steam to make indoor air less dry, shower with your bathroom door open. We all know how dry and unpleasant indoor air can get during those cold months.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans depending on the season and your type of heating. In those households where heated floors are present, turn your ceiling fans off. If you have forced air heating, make sure to turn those on.
  • Close the doors on those unused rooms in your home. This way, you will reduce the heating costs quite a lot. However, you should always make sure that you turn the vents off in those rooms as well.
  • Bathroom vents should be drafted. This way, the cold outdoor air will be blocked from entering your home.

Heat up those crucial areas

To use the heat more efficiently and save money while doing so, you should heat up those crucial areas in your home exclusively and also make sure that you make the most out of the available heat.

  • For instance, in homes where radiators are present, homeowners should apply tinfoil on the inside of your walls, just behind your radiators. This will help you reflect the heat and make the most out of it. Do the same for other appliances that may not be your main heat source, but they otherwise produce heat (e.g. ovens, wood stoves etc.).
  • Those homeowners that enjoy the perks of having a chimney but don’t use it for its intended purpose should ensure that the chimney’s flute and draft are both closed. This is a common place from where heat escapes and the cold outdoor air enters your home.
  • Consider blocking your fireplace with a special insert insulation to reduce heat loss and save money on your heating bills.

Proper insulation will help you save plenty of money

And we’re not speaking about walls and attic insulation (although those are key-areas where to insulate if you want a warm and cozy home) but also about pipe and ductwork insulation.

  • Insulate all your hot water and radiator pipes if you don’t want a burst pipe incident due to the freezing outside temperatures.
  • The attic is another key area where you should consider applying insulation. This will help you reduce cold air drafts and preserve a more than comfortable indoor temperature. Your attic access point should also be carefully insulated.
  • Insulate your floors, if they are not. This will prevent the cold to radiate up from the floors. In the long run, all the heat that you’re trying to compensate for will add up on your energy bill.

High-quality windows work wonders

Premium-quality windows work amazingly for those homeowners that really want to keep their properties warm and cozy. Low-end windows contribute to letting your warm air escape from your home and the cold air from entering. While most window companies have to follow some strict regulations, there are some manufacturers and retailers that take everything up a notch and offer a higher and more reliable standard. For the best results, try to search for products with Truth Window parts. Double pane windows always make a better choice than your single pane windows. Also, double-glazed windows will help you save plenty of money on energy bills.

You can also reduce window heat loss by uncovering south-facing windows to let the warm sunlight to enter your home during those sunny days. Insulating window coverings also help enormously when your main goal is reducing window heat loss.

Move your sofa closer to a heating source

During those extra cold winter days, a great solution to heat your family more efficiently without overusing your central heating system is moving your sofa closer to a heating source and spending a night together with your family, playing games and enjoying the indoor time. When not spending time in front of your heating source, remove your sofa and allow your heating source to heat up the whole space. Do the same with your curtains or clothes if you leave them drying on a rack.

This way, you will allow the warm air to properly circulate throughout your room and entire home.

Always use timers on your central heating

Make sure to turn off your central heating when leaving the house and program it to start with 30 minutes in advance before you reach home. This way, you can enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature when you get home, without mindlessly abusing your heating system and overcharging yourself when the energy bill comes.

These pieces of advice will help you keep your home warm and fuzzy during those cold, winter days while you will also successfully save some generous money on your heating expenses. Educate yourself and make sure that you make the right decision heating-wise, although these may involve some expenses. In the long run, you will end up saving money, all our suggestions being investments with high rates of return.

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