Here’s why Gas Heaters are Outdated in 2020

Gas is a non-renewable energy source being a fossil fuel. But wood is renewable as humans can grow as many trees as they want. 

It’s not without any reason that you see so many advertisements for wood-burning stoves. People and moving towards an era of an Eco-friendly world. So they look for a better option while finding a heating system for their house.

Here are the reasons why everyone is choosing Wood burning stoves over heaters or fireplaces:

Environment Friendly

Gas is a non-renewable energy source being a fossil fuel. But wood is renewable as humans can grow as many trees as they want.

Wood emits less carbon when it burns which is better for humans and wildlife. Hence use of wood for the heating system is better than the use of gas.

Also, some areas are cut off from the gas supply. People living in these areas can use wood as their source of providing heat in a heating system.

One more plus point is that more use of wood gives more employment to the people working in the wood department.

Wood burning stoves 2

Fashionably Better

Looking at gas heaters and Log burners side by side, one can easily decide which one looks better with any type of house furniture.

Wood burning stoves, especially the ones with glass doors look so pleasing with the wood burning inside.

Unlike gas heaters, log burning stoves give a better feel of warmth as there is real fire that is giving off the heat.

Economical choice

Comparing stoves with either gas or electric heaters, they have very little money input. The reason is that the stoves do not use electricity and there is little to no maintenance cost.

Moreover, the stoves are designed in such a way that they burn the wood very efficiently as needed and produce a low amount of ash.

Furthermore, if someone decides to build a fireplace instead of buying a stove, they would have to build a chimney to direct the smoke of the fireplace. The chimney of a fireplace is built as part of the house which requires more money.

Wood burning stoves 3

More Features

Wood burning stoves come in all shapes and sizes with a ton of features. Some stoves can use both coal and wood as the fuel.

Others use any sort of wood as fuel.

Some stoves can be external while others can be fit into a wall.

There are stoves that can give heat in a concentrated area or randomly across the room. And some stoves even come with a water boiler.

There are so many options in stoves to choose from according to your convenience and preference.

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