How Often Should You Change a Fridge Water Filter?

Even if you’re water still tastes fine, there may be contaminants getting through the old, clogged up water filter. Some of these chemicals or metals have no noticeable taste, so you might still unknowingly ingest them. 

For numerous people it’s tough to grasp how often to interchange a fridge water filter. You definitely desire to get greatest magnitude from your investment by using utilizing it so long as you can, but on the identical time, you don’t desire to push it too a ways and grow to be drinking unfiltered water once the filter out stops working.

It doesn’t topic what manufacturer you have. Samsung, LG, and Westinghouse refrigerator water filters all paintings in a similar way. It’s common for persons to use these filters for a ways too long. This exposes them to ingesting infected water, that is the exact opposite of what they desired in the first vicinity when purchasing their filter. It is also very common for people to completely overlook that they have to replace their water filter out each 6 months to a year, depending at the level of usage.

Even if you’re water still tastes fine, there could be contaminants getting throughout the old, clogged up water filter. A lot of these chemical compounds or metals haven’t any obvious taste, so you might nonetheless unknowingly ingest them.

If you’ve a big family, say four or extra people, and you use your fridge ice dispenser and bloodless water tap relatively often, you should be changing your filter out each 6 months. For a smaller family or a couple, who use their refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser less often, replacing the clear out each year might suffice. No matter if you rarely use water from the fridge, you ought to on no account go away your filter unchanged for greater than 2 years at an absolute maximum.


Water usually travels for miles and miles before reaching your home. Along the way it collects dirt and contaminants from the steel piping, adding lead, and may also incorporate other chemical from agricultural runoff and different pollution etc. So much fridge filters are made from carbon and are designed to remove three major contaminants: lead, chlorine, and unstable biological compounds (VOCs). Some bigger end filters also are rated to remove chloramine and cysts from soiled water as well.

Carbon filters paintings with the aid of performing as a magnet for contaminants. The toxins stick to the big floor vicinity of the carbon, wherein they’re held and restrained from flowing on, into your drinking water or ice. As the skin location of the carbon is stuffed up with toxins however, the filter out gets much less and less efficient at cleaning the water.

If you don’t difference your water filter out and use it past its capacity, it’s going to finally clog up and forestall filtering properly. The carbon will attain maximum ability of the contaminants it can hold, and water will flow on throughout the filter, almost completely unfiltered. The dirty and clogged up filter out will also end up a breeding ground for bacteria, which could cause much more contamination of your consuming water supply. If you don’t comprehend how to change out the filters you could always ask a local handyman or plumber to come back and help you do it.

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Due to the above, it is strongly recommended you change your water filter regularly. Set a reminder on your telephone or calendar so you don’t forget. Having an old, clogged up, micro organism harbouring clear out can actually be worse for you than having no clear out at all, so don’t threat it just to save a few dollars. Difference you filter out at least each 2 years, yet more typically in case you use your fridge water often.