How Does a Wireless Pet Fence Work

Our pets should have a phenomenal attitude and respect our boundaries.

A wireless pet fence helps us to keep our pets in check. From our wonderful puppies to our chaotic cats, we want to ensure that we have minimal issues with them while making sure that they remain on track in general.

But what do we mean when we say that we want them to remain on track? We want them to respect our boundaries, and we would like to ensure that everything is in order. Whether you can’t contain your pet or are sick of having to monitor them outside if they’ve just eaten ham bones a wireless pet fence is a great solution.

Our pets should have a phenomenal attitude and respect our boundaries.

You can also find why these wireless pet fences are popular and how they work so well. Learn if a wireless pet fence is right for you and your pet today with this brief guide.

How Does A Wireless Fence Work?

This is how a wireless pet fence works. First, you will have a core transmitter that will emanate a certain frequency that forms a circumference and a general barrier around the place where you keep your pet.

The boundary will likely be a little over 80 feet in all directions in a circular fashion. That means that this specific zone will have enough space for your pet, and it will extend over 1/3 of an acre.

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You can notice that you can have a fence that can range for over 8ft or upto over two acres.

See, your pet will have a specific collar that it will wear around its neck. When it wears the collar, it will have reception material within the collar, and then it will capture the signal from the central transmitter.

If your pet runs around within the specific area, it can do so without any issues. It can enjoy great comfort as long as it is within the right bounds of the zone you set for it.

But the animal will feel something if they surpass the zone that you set for it. In most instances, it will notice a beep that will notify them that it is best to stay within the right zone.

But the truth is that your pet might continue to press forward and move to get past the invisible boundary. What will happen then? The answer is quite simple. The pet will notice an unpleasant sensation.


The pet will have several contact points on the collar, and these areas will be the endpoints that deliver an overt or a mild zap.

The critical point here is that it lets them know that they are going in the wrong direction and should step back. It is only present to make sure they realize what they are doing wrong as they go about their happy lives.

This electric stimulation can serve as a quick reminder that it is best for them to retreat to more safer areas.

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Why Do People Love These Wireless Pet Fences?

People appreciate these wireless pet fences because they are simple, very low maintenance, and very movable.

Indeed, they only take about 30 minutes or so to set up. They do not require that much care as you do not need to worry about wires or any other sort of breakage in the fencing material.

Finally, you can move these wireless fences wherever you like because it is wireless.

Should you get these wireless fences? Sure, they can be a great addition to your property!