How To Buy a UTV for Under $5000

As a new rider, buying a brand-new model with all bells and whistles is not the best option if you want to stay financially afloat. Due to financial reasons, many experienced drivers, for whom four-wheelers are dependable companions both in agricultural and recreational contexts, also tend to opt for more affordable machines.

If you are looking for a great deal on an all-terrain or a utility task vehicle, used and salvage car auctions are great places to start your search. You can participate both in live and online auctions, with online marketplaces making it easier for people to choose the best deal for the price that makes sense.

Be prepared, though, that the vehicles you will come across are not new, for this is one of the reasons they are being put up for auction. It means that besides some cosmetic issues, you will also have to deal with mechanical issues, caused by wear and tear of the machine, negligence, accidents, and more.

If you know the mechanics behind four-wheelers and have enough time and money to pour into your new toy to get it back on the trails, auctions are the way to go. There you will find a deal for around or even under $5,000.

But before you start bidding on a machine, you might want to give it a thorough inspection to get the answers to the following questions that will help you decide if the bid is worth the investment:

  1. How much will it approximately cost you to fix the damage?

  2. Can all the broken and/or bent parts be replaced?

  3. Is there any possibility of hidden damage?

  4. Do you have enough expertise to repair the vehicle?

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Getting something for a low price and being able to rebuild it with your own hands is rewarding. Mind that depending on the vehicle you have you might also want to upgrade it with UTV or ATV accessories to gain more from it in terms of work and recreation.