Steps to Take Before Calling an Emergency Electrician

Why is that important? Simple: different kinds of electrical emergencies present different risks, and therefore require a special response. Mr Switch’s team of North Sydney electricians is available 24/7 to address any emergency that comes their way.

We also realize that electricity is very dangerous and that unforeseen electrical issues should never be handled yourself with DIY methods. Instead, you should call Mr Switch your local emergency electrician Sydney.

Of course, there are still some important things you can do in the meantime to protect your property and your family while your emergency electrician is on his way!

Why is that important? Simple: different kinds of electrical emergencies present different risks, and therefore require a special response. Mr Switch’s team of North Sydney electricians is available 24/7 to address any emergency that comes their way.

So here’s what you should do if you experience any electrical emergency such as:

Fallen Power Lines

Residents of Sydney are well aware of the unpredictable weather in their city. It’s good at one point and the next, you’re faced with hail and gusty winds!

This harsh weather can have a negative impact on power lines. Heavy winds, storms and even car crashes can bring down your power lines. The issue is that these power lines are still live and pose a serious risk of electrocution if you mistakenly move too close.

In any case of fallen power lines, the smartest thing to do is …

Step 1: Keep away from the power line – we recommend a distance of at least 40 meters between you and the fallen line
Step 2: Don’t get close to conductive materials, as they may pose electrical hazards
Step 3: if required, call your local emergency number to deal with any accidents
Step 4: Don’t touch the power line or anyone who has come in contact with it
Step 5: Get in touch with your local electricity provider and report any issues of twisted and dangling power lines

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Electrical Fire

Do you know faulty electrical wiring and other electrical problems account for 25 percent of all house fires!

Electrical fires can be the consequence of many different electrical defects, such as damaged and defective wiring, poorly installed sockets, damaged appliances and short circuits.

Electric fires start in an instant, and they can spread in no time. If you detect smoke coming from an electronic device or installation, you should act quickly to prevent severe damage to your premises and health.

Take these precautions in case you face an Electrical Fire…

Step 1: Call your local emergency instantly, no matter how serious the fire looks
Step 2: If possible (and if safe to do so), unplug the electronic device that is triggering the fire
Step 3: If there is a small fire and you have a fire extinguisher appropriate for electrical fires, try putting out the fire before it spreads
Step 4: Evacuate the area
Step 5: Turn off the power at the main switch box

Electrical Shock

Exposure to high voltage power results in electrical shocks. This can cause severe complications including burns, heart failure, heart rhythm irregularities, and even death.

Electrocution is often the result of direct contact with unfixed wall outlets, electrical devices and exposed electrical lines.

If any accident or electric shock happens, it is your responsibility is twofold: to provide help to the victim and to protect others from a similar accident.

Step 1: Shut off power at the switch box to secure others on-site
Step 2: Call your local emergency number immediately
Step 3: Assist the person once power is turned off and give CPR and first aid if necessary
Step 4: If the victim is in danger, shift them – otherwise avoid moving them if possible
Step 5: Unplug all equipment, in case of any danger.

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The last and most important step in all of the above emergencies is to Call Mr Switch Electrical your emergency electrician in Sydney.

Once you’ve followed all these precautions and made sure that you and your family are safe for these different scenarios, what next? A call to your local emergency electrician, that’s what!
The moment the situation has been cleared, it’s time to evaluate the damage and decide what can be done to fix your electrical system.

Emergency electricians can deal with this. Experienced will check your appliances and electrical fittings, and will give you an all-clear green signal.

Electricians will do any repairs necessary to fix the problem after the event. If it’s an outlet that’s sparking or smoking, electricians will fix it in no time, safeguarding you from any potential electrical shocks or fires in the future.

Try looking for the right local electrician

Whatever the time, day or night, our emergency electricians are available 24/7 to attend to your electrical emergencies. We work 24 hours because electrical emergencies can arise at any time of the day or night – they can strike at any hour!

Stay safe with electricity–if you’ve experienced an electrical emergency, you must be knowing how serious and dangerous the outlook is. It’s important instead of trying to fix your electrical issue yourself, you should leave it with a professional electrician.

In addition to such serious emergencies, emergency electricians can also deal with less serious electrical issues, such as occasional unexplainable blackouts that impact your home.

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Schedule regular maintenance of your electrical systems with a Sydney electrician to make sure that all wiring and installations are in order.

If you ever experience the following electrical emergencies, don’t hesitate to call Mr Switch electrical at any time:

● Unexplained power failure
● Burnt fuse
● Electrical smoke or damage
● Electrical fire hazards
● Faulty appliances and electrical devices
● Any level 2 electrical emergency

We are the leaders in electrical repairs and maintenance in Sydney. We cover all areas of Sydney and you can rely on our local North Sydney electricians to fix your electrical problem in the best price and shortest time possible.

Contact Mr Switch your trusted Sydney electricians at any time of the day or night. Our team of Sydney emergency electricians is there to address any electrical emergency no matter big or small that comes their way!