Why Is Composting Important?

We create about 3.2 billion kilograms of waste every day. Whether it is organic or plastic waste, it fills our landfills to the rim. The reduction of our waste has become a trend nowadays.
From banning plastic bags to discontinuing plastic straws, the efforts of us human beings to becoming more and more environmentally friendly are not without merit. But what can we do from the comfort of our homes to help lessen the waste we create?

One way is to create a compost pit or, in simpler words, composting. Composting is the artificial use of biological organic waste for disintegration or decomposition. The output of the process of composition will be useful to the conditioning of soil qualities. These are _ reasons that show the importance of composting.

Soil Enrichment

Almost every food that comes into our mouths is taken from the ground beneath our feet. Grass, grain, and hay that farm animals eat sprouts from the soil on which we live. This shows how important the land is; without it, we lose our sources nourishment and will begin to wither and weaken.

Soil Enrichment can be done with the process of composting. Composting presents valuable microorganisms to the soil to help keep moisture and conquer vegetal diseases. Making the soil more fertile and preparing it for crop laying. This also helps prevent soil erosions by keeping the ground compact, which inhibits natural disasters, like landslides.

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Chemical Fertilizer Alternative

Artificial chemical fertilizers can be, at times, toxic and harmful to the plants. The main reason why we use chemical fertilizers is to enhance the health of the soil artificially. But It can also harm the environment by seeping deep into the ground, reaching and intoxicating the water. The excess chemicals that harm the nearby bodies of water can stimulate one-celled organisms such as algae and can cause depletion of aquatic life.

While composting helps create symbiosis within the ground. Which allows the decomposing materials to help oxygenate the soil and feed the microorganisms present. The process is done naturally, which means no artificial chemicals are used.

Lessens Landfill Waste

Landfills are the site of trash disposal. This is where our plastic wrappers, paper bags, and leftover food goes. There have been a lot of breakthroughs that helped upgrade the landfill we knew 50 years ago to the form of the modern dumps. Given our new technology, engineers have designed landfills to be efficient and less hazardous to the environment. But given only a specific number of cubic meters, trash in landfills is piling up on top of each other. And before we know it, all our landfills in the world will now be called landfilled. An average of 4.4 pounds of trash per person is generated each day all around the world. Multiply that to 7 billion people inhabiting this planet, and it will constitute an amount of waste you wouldn’t think of.

Organic wastes are the owner of 1/3 of the daily trash generation of each person. By composting properly, 1.5 pounds of garbage that are headed initially to a landfill can be used as an effective natural fertilizer instead of being dumped in a whole with it having nothing else to do but to decay. By composting, we reduce the daily inflow of trash that goes into the landfills and helping it fill up slower than what we expect. We also reduce some of the toxic gasses emissions that landfills create like the release of methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide to the ozone layer

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Economically Helpful

Every day, millions of people think about the economy; they are always contemplating how to get money, about the deadlines of bill payments, or about repaying of loans. It is a good idea to think of businesses that will not only help you become financially stable are also easy to start. A composting company can be a great startup due to its low-risk nature.

Starting this kind of business needs research and dedication. Determining who your target market is essential in starting a business. Typically, your customers will be the local government and some farm owners. You should also know how much to charge for the things you are providing. Existing businesses charge of 8 dollars per cubic foot, but as a startup, you should think of charging significantly less so that you would attract more customers. You will discover the other aspects of the business as you go along planning it. But remember to always proceed with caution in starting up a composting business because it may require you to spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Here is a complete guide for choosing the best composting bins for your business.

Being eco-friendly is what the world aims to be one day. Governments and big companies have done steps to improve the quality of the planet in which we live. Doing simple things in our homes, like composting, will be a great help in achieving our goal to become greener.

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