How to Use Terracotta Floor Tiles in Your Home

If you’re considering using terracotta floor tiles throughout your home, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Terracotta is the oldest type of clay ceramic floor tiles, but it remains a popular choice for homeowners that are looking to install ceramic floors in their house.

Terracotta floors are a popular interior choice for homeowners that are hoping to create rustic, warm-vibes. It is especially popular in Mexican, Mediterranean, or Southwest style-homes. They can also be used as exterior flooring, but only in warmer climates. When regularly exposed to cold or freezing temperatures, terracotta tiles will crack.

If you’re considering using terracotta floor tiles throughout your home, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Reasons to use terracotta

You’ll want to consider your reasoning for wanting terracotta. Terracotta is durable and versatile, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways throughout your home. Many homeowners choose terracotta floor tiles because of the wide variety of earth-tones they come in, as well as how many different styles of tile are available.

Something important to remember about terracotta is that it is porous; it will absorb water and other liquids, which damages floor tiles. Homeowners that are considering terracotta floors will want to make sure that they’re prepared to have the floors sealed.

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Warm-up your kitchen

A popular way to integrate terracotta flooring into a home is in a kitchen. Terracotta flooring in a kitchen creates warm, rustic vibes. When paired with wooden features, terracotta flooring creates a homey atmosphere. This is a classic way to use terracotta in a kitchen.

Those that are looking to use terracotta flooring to create a more modern atmosphere might put the floor tiles in a completely white kitchen. The warm tones of the tiles will contrast nicely with the white. It still creates a warm atmosphere, but the white helps to create modern vibes.

Create durable foyers and mudrooms

High-quality terracotta is extremely durable, which makes it a popular choice for foyers and mudrooms. It isn’t likely to crack or break. Plus, it is easier to wipe dirt, mud, and other debris from terracotta tiles than it is to clean dirt from a carpet.

If using terracotta in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, you’re going to want a high-grade floor tile. These are typically more expensive, but they are worth it. Some homeowners make the mistake of using a cheaper, low-grade floor tile and it ends up cracking or chipping.

A variety of styles

Depending on the materials they’re paired with and what rooms they’re used in, terracotta floor tiles can be incorporated into a variety of home decors. In addition to some of the ways already mentioned, some homeowners choose to incorporate terracotta floor tiles around a fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere.

A more modern way to incorporate terracotta floor tiles into a home is pairing it with sleek, horizontal wooden panels on the wall. This look creates a completely different vibe than using traditional vertical wooden panels paired with terracotta (which creates more of a classic, rustic look).

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Mediterranean vibes by the pool

Terracotta floor tiles used to create a border or a patio around a pool creates a Mediterranean vibe. They can create a very warm atmosphere that is perfect for throwing summer parties. Terracotta floor tiles by a pool aren’t recommended for homeowners that do not live in a warm climate.

It is also important to remember that exterior terracotta floor tiles will become stained over time. If the stain is due to mold or efflorescence, it can be cleaned off and resealed. If the stain is due to a drink spill, it is harder to remove.

Maintaining your terracotta

If not cared for properly, terracotta floors can become stained and grimy. As mentioned above, you’ll want to apply sealers to your terracotta floors to prevent unwanted staining from liquids, as well as to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained.

Floors that are properly sealed will still need to be swept and mopped regularly, but they’re easy to clean.

If terracotta floors are looking particularly grimy, you may need to completely scrub the tiles down and reseal. Start by completely scrubbing the dirt and grime from the tiles, apply a finish such as a linseed oil, and then seal.

Final thoughts

Terracotta floor tiles can be used in a variety of ways, no matter if you’re hoping to create a rustic kitchen, modern bathroom, or beautiful poolside retreat. To get a sense of the different types of terracotta floor tiles that are available, visit your local home improvement store or look online for inspiration.