Top Gadgets That Will Make Your RV Trip More Comfortable

People value their independence, these days more than ever, and they value it even on vacation, or maybe especially then. It gets less and less common to travel with agencies. This is probably one of the reasons why RV trips have become so popular lately. Your own vehicle gives you the much-desired independence to go whenever and wherever you want; what’s more, with an RV, you don’t have to look for hotels and other places to stay. You’re all on your own, but you’re not deprived of small (and bigger) luxuries, the way you are while camping with a tent. And if you want to make your RV trip even more comfortable, here’s the list of gadgets that can help you achieve it. Also checkout some travel tips which will make your travel more easy.

Weather station

You may have a roof over your head with an RV, but you will still need a reliable source of weather forecasts in order to stay safe and sound at all times. Sometimes it’s hard to predict weather changes without any help, even if you’re an expert, especially in the summer when the weather tends to change suddenly, and you probably wouldn’t like the idea of being stuck in the middle of the forest road during the thunderstorm. Plus, you don’t always have access to the internet. In this case, a weather station for your RV is the perfect solution, as it acquires data from the satellites directly. Weather Station Advisor provides you with lists and reviews to help you find a device that will suit your needs best. You will be able to read the information from the control panel or even connect it with your smartphone.

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Portable solar device charger

You don’t always have the possibility to access the electricity, and no RV driver likes to take too much power from the car battery. Portable solar chargers capture solar energy from the sun which they later convert to charge any device with USB or lightning cable. There’s no need for electricity; it offers you the very much-needed on the road flexibility. Make sure your device is compatible and hit the road!

The Laundry Pod

Laundry Pod is another no-electricity alternative for anyone who wants as much independence as possible. It’s not the most efficient device in the world, but it’s not like you’re planning to have a big laundry day while travelling with your RV, right? This is the perfect gadget for emergencies and some longer trips, especially helpful if you’re vacationing with children. It’s a manual washing machine which can take 4-5 items of clothes at once. You place them in the inner basket, add 1-1,5 gallons of water and some detergent, and then let it soak. After a while, you need to use the hand crank to shake the basket for a minute, and you add another gallon of clean water, repeating it until there’s no soap left.

Instant pot

It’s small, versatile and energy-efficient. It can cook rice, make yogurt and steam. It takes much less time to prepare anything, so it doesn’t draw as much power as other similar devices. It allows you to prepare any kind of dish you want, most of them without the need for any additional pan, and it’s available in different sizes – it depends on how many people you normally take for a trip.

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Signal booster

Not everyone goes on an RV trip to get away from technology. Sometimes you need to work remotely or you have other businesses to attend to online, and you can’t afford being cut off from your phone or the internet. What’s more, when you’re travelling, you may need to find information urgently or even call for help. Luckily, there are ways to boost the signal and get reception even in the most unapproachable places.

Water filter

It doesn’t matter what quality is the water on your current campground if you have a water filtering system in your RV. It will help you improve taste and odour, and eliminate chlorine and sediment. A portable filter can be attached to any hose and it will provide you with cleaner (and healthier) water.

Propane firepits

This is a great addition for anyone who loves camping and campfires. A lot of campgrounds don’t allow you to have an actual wood-burning fire because there are too many people and RVs around you, or the city doesn’t allow it, or you’re vacationing during the dry season, etc. Propane firepits are completely safe and they give you an opportunity to spend a nice evening outside around the fire.

Surge protector

A good surge protector will keep you and your family safe without you worrying about it. Thanks to this little gadget, you won’t have to think about sudden electrical surges or spikes in voltage. You will be able to see if everything is operating smoothly and as it should be. Most of the models are weather-resistant and extremely easy to install and use.

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Depending on your and your family’s needs and problems, you may find various useful gadgets on the market. There aren’t many inconveniences that really can’t be fixed, so why should you struggle?