Moving Home? Handle your beloved Piano with Care!

Biggest piano moving mistakes that can be very taxing!

Home relocation can be anything but easy! There are always hundreds of items waiting to be packed and moved during this process. Then the large furniture and delicate items are also there that require your special attention. And one such delicate yet heavy item needing a special treatment is your piano. Yes, moving a piano while relocating your home can be a tough and difficult task that’s extremely essential too.

Only a music lover can understand the true value and worth of a piano. And if you want to move your piano during your home relocation, it’s necessary to choose a removalist company who shares your love for the pianos, and understands its true value for you. Enrights Removals offer Piano removals and guarantee to carry out this task for you with utmost care and concern. They pledge to securely shift it to your new location. This would help you avoid the drastic mistakes that you can make while moving your piano.

Biggest piano moving mistakes that can be very taxing!

Just like you could be making some mistakes while moving your other stuff during home relocation, you can even be making those drastic mistakes while moving your favourite item in the house— the piano! And if you are doing so, you can imagine the expenditure awaiting you after this. And not to forget the pain you feel when your beloved piano gets damaged. In order to avoid this heartbreak, do avoid the following huge mistakes when moving piano during home relocation:

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Not hiring a professional piano remover — A professional piano remover is an expert in this task who handles the move with precision. And if you are trying the same on your own, it’s the biggest mistake you are doing. As amateurs doing this task, you are at the risk of getting injured yourself and even damaging the piano in this process.

Not choosing the best piano removal company — Even if you are hiring the professionals and not inquiring much about them, then you are committing a mistake that should be avoided for best results. The company you chose should be experienced, expert in the task and even insured for maximum safety of your piano.

Underestimating the piano’s weight — If you decided on moving the piano on your own with your buddies and thought it to be a lightweight and easy job, then you are committing a huge mistake. This can lead to damage to the piano and a lot of mismanagement during the shifting. Your piano is very heavy and therefore requires lots of manpower and the right skill to move it.

Not padding and packing the piano properly — A piano can be as delicate as it can be heavy! You need to pack it properly with the right padding in order to avoid any damage to its delicate parts. If you aren’t doing so, you are making it more vulnerable to damage than it already is.

Not using proper piano moving equipment—A piano needs proper equipment in order to move it easily and properly. Most of the time, only professionals have the equipment. And if you aren’t utilising the same while moving it, you are making a mistake that results in more pain than gain.

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Protecting only the piano — Do you know, not just your piano, but even the other items in your home can be damaged due to mistakes you make while moving it? Yes, your carpet, the paint and even your showpieces and furniture can be damaged along with the piano If you aren’t protecting them properly when moving the piano. Professionals ensure to take proper measures to safeguard your belongings and interiors during this procedure.

If you are making any of the above mistakes, then be sure that you are causing a lot of damage to your piano. And these can be avoided by just being wise and patient in this procedure. Better still, hire removalists.