5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaner for Your Business

While you could choose to clean your business yourself, it can be a difficult way to save funds. Read on for five terrific reasons to hire a commercial contractor to tackle the job of cleaning your business.

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses around the world look at cleaning and disinfecting their workspaces. Ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your work environment has suddenly become a top workplace priority.

No matter what industry you work in, hiring a commercial cleaner for your business can keep your business environment tidy and professional – it’s really a smart business move. Today more than ever, a regularly scheduled cleaning regimen goes a long way toward keeping your workplace, where your employees spend the majority of their waking hours, fresh.

While you could choose to clean your business yourself, it can be a difficult way to save funds. Read on for five terrific reasons to hire a commercial contractor to tackle the job of cleaning your business.

1. Reduces Germ Spread

Clean and sterile restrooms, conference rooms, and common areas are especially essential for healthy workplaces. Commercial cleaners that perform to industry standards are a must-have for any business.

Coronavirus, Salmonella, E. coli, Norovirus, MRSA, and other harmful bacteria and viruses might be lurking in your business environment. Maintaining a cleaning and sanitizing schedule can help prevent the spread of these infectious diseases to your employees and customers.

And, if a known or suspected case of COVID-19, for example, occurred in your business, commercial cleaners will know the best steps to take to properly deep clean and disinfect your facility.

Professional cleaners have the training and expertise to deep clean and sanitize all kinds of workspaces. Equipped with the right tools and the right products to do the job, commercial cleaners can remove allergens and dust build-up, both of which can be respiratory hazards for your workers.

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Many commercial cleaners use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners that adhere to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. They most typically use only the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved chemicals and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums.

Plus, when you employ commercial cleaners they will take care of properly storing all cleaning products and tools. Commercial cleaners can supply their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) that follows OSHA guidelines, such as gloves, eye protection, work uniforms, or shoe covers.

Using a reputable cleaning service can reduce germ spread in your business and can bring you peace of mind.

2. Outsourcing Saves You Time

The struggle to keep your office environment continually clean, particularly restrooms and break room areas, are real and really time-consuming. Consistently cleaning your workspace at a professional level is a big-time commitment for any business, and can swiftly grow to be an increasing priority.

While facility cleaning might not be the most glamorous of your company’s many work routine tasks, it does need to get done. Delegate that responsibility. Outsourcing these repetitive cleaning tasks to a commercial cleaning crew is simply more efficient; it lets your own employees focus on other things.

Hiring a team of professionals to make a consistent cleaning routine part of their everyday routine instead of yours lets you can focus your energy elsewhere, freeing up time for you to devote to other business essentials.

What’s more, commercial cleaners offer a full range of services and can customize their services to your company’s specific needs and requirements. Good cleaners arrive on time, deliver friendly customer service, and work hard to ensure your clean, healthy working environment.

Hiring a professional cleaning team is a convenient solution to keeping your business environment well-kept and frees you from the burden of keeping your office surfaces in tip-top shape.

3. Saves You Money

Some businesses think the expenditures associated with a commercial cleaning team is just too expensive. Actually, it’s a cost-effective investment in your business – and a service you won’t want to skimp on.

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Businesses that make cleanliness a priority are willing to spend money to have their regular cleaning done reliably and efficiently. Commercial cleaning professionals know which products to use on which surfaces to maximize the clean and minimize any damage to your property.

What’s the business cost of sick employees? Deep cleaning lobby areas and key touchpoints, such as elevator buttons, handles, handrails, light switches, and surface areas are of key importance because they can spread germs and bacteria.

Professional cleaners can reduce the risks in your office by cleaning and disinfecting these high-touch surfaces so employees stay well and working.

A professional cleaning team can quickly restore your environment back to normal after a business event or large company gathering. Professional cleaners are prepared to work after hours when certain types of equipment, like vacuum cleaners, make too much noise and would certainly interrupt daily work.

The best commercial cleaning services are flexible and can accommodate unusual business hours of operation or specific requests, like 100% green cleaning options.

Another benefit of commercial cleaners is the tools they use, cleaning products, high-quality towels, detergent, and other supplies that come out of their budget – not yours. Which is all good news for your company’s bottom line?

4. Clean Spaces Create Positive First Impressions and Boost Employee Morale

American entertainer Will Rogers famously once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s said by experts that a first impression is formed in the first five to 15 seconds.

Don’t allow your business to look dusty and smell musty. Poorly or sporadically maintained business spaces will look sloppy to outsiders and fracture your company’s reputation. Commercial cleaning services will help the interior of your business look (and smell!) it’s very best, allowing you to show your business takes pride in appearances.

Pristine spaces that are properly cleaned and hospitable are a tremendous advantage that can set your business and its operations, apart from others. A clean and deodorized work environment enhances your professional image, and helps employees feel proud of the clean, inviting, and welcoming place where they work each day. Though following a professional clean it’s essential to keep the work environment smelling fresh. It’s worth checking out Auto San who make the best odor eliminator to keep any pesky smells at bay.

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5. Trained and Service-Oriented Workers

As with any service-based business, the best commercial cleaning vendors will hire customer-focused staff that is licensed, bonded, and insured for any potential injury. The commercial cleaning company should carry workers’ compensation for their workers.

Industrial, commercial cleaners are trained to do much more than just vacuum floors. Cleaning industry professionals stay on top of the latest products and recommendations and are prepared to support your business.

Highly trained cleaning contractors will know the best practices for cleaning all areas of your building and can provide a higher-quality cleaning than in-house janitorial staff. These cleaning experts seek to continually improve and stay on top of optimal methods for cleaning and sanitizing for healthy germ-free work environments.

A reputable cleaning service with a focus on commercial properties will also be able to offer tips and advice for the specifics of your space, giving you value-added guidance. They may be able to spot areas that need attention you may not have considered. After all, they are professionals.


Be sure to research local, commercial cleaners that have experience with your type of business. Some only clean office buildings, restaurants, or churches, others clean only warehouses, arenas, or retail shops.

It pays to do some up-front legwork before the interview to ensure the cleaners you’re considering are a good initial match with your business requirements. If a company can only work during daytime hours and you would prefer your space to be cleaned every evening, that’s a clear indication they aren’t the right fit. But you will find the right company for you!

Be sure to check the company’s references and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. When you engage in commercial cleaners for your business cleaning, you’ll get a team of well-trained professionals ready to tackle your company’s long-term clean-up needs.