How to Build a Waterfall Countertop, The Easy Way

Today, people spend more time in the kitchen making meals, eating the meals off the kitchen island, and even having deep conversations. The bathroom is also becoming a place where people unwind after a long day; it is considered a personal spa.

Kitchen designs come and go. Some are adopted by the masses and last for years and some are only a preserve of few. One of the contemporary designs that have stirred so much interest in homeowners is the waterfall. Unlike a conventional countertop that stops where the cabinets begin, the waterfall countertop touches the floor. This produces a truly stunning aesthetic.

Before you learn how to build a waterfall countertop, note that adding natural stone in your kitchen remodeling project will mean a major investment. As such, choose the waterfall design carefully as you may not change it soon.

Why Choose a Waterfall Countertop?

Today, people spend more time in the kitchen making meals, eating the meals off the kitchen island, and even having deep conversations. The bathroom is also becoming a place where people unwind after a long day; it is considered a personal spa.

In the kitchen, a waterfall countertop acts as the beauty that links your floor and cabinet designs. It is one of the ways to improve your kitchen island. Traditional countertop designs do not go well with a waterfall design. However, in a contemporary setting, a waterfall countertop provides clean lines that enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen. Like in a kitchen, a waterfall countertop connects the flooring from the sides of a vanity in a seamless manner. If you use natural stone for the waterfall, which is waterproof, your bathroom will stand up to condensation and moisture.

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Choosing the Right Materials

In some cases, a waterfall countertop is not just an aesthetic feature. You can use the feature to hide other components in your kitchen, such as barstools. Even then, you still have to consider its beauty. as such, natural stone materials such as granite, marble, and quartz are the most ideal for the waterfall countertop. You will also need a strong waterfall countertop support to keep the structure strong.

If you’re set on natural stone, click here to learn more about quartz vs. quartzite. These are two of the most popular natural stones on the market.

Waterfall Countertop Thickness, Materials, and Costs

Installing a natural stone waterfall requires a professional. Usually, you will start by buying a natural stone of your choice which can cost anywhere between $75 and $120 for a square foot of natural stone. The installation will cost an additional $60 to $100 for a square foot. Besides the normal installation, the waterfall countertop edge detail has to be mitered so the edges fit together seamlessly; this is called fabrication. After installation, professionals use a control laser cutter to miter the countertop edges to a point that the seam is invisible. Fabrication can cost you an additional $1000.

Installing a waterfall countertop will cost you between $5,000 and $6,000 depending on the size of your kitchen island and the waterfall countertop support you use. However, is only when you use natural stone for the countertop material.

If the cost above is past your budget, you can install wood or concrete waterfall countertops. If you are a creative DIYer, you can use concrete or wood to fashion an aesthetically appealing waterfall countertop. Concrete or wood will cost between $200 and $300 for 3 by 5 feet kitchen island. This cost is more affordable especially when you cut labor costs. However, you have to know how to build a waterfall countertop or have enough handy skills to build one. Otherwise, you should hire a professional to build one for you.

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Fabricating a Natural Stone Waterfall Countertop

Irrespective of the waterfall countertop thickness, you need to fabricate natural stone to make it look more appealing. In this case, a computer numerical control laser cutter, CNC, to make the waterfall countertop edge detail seamless. To ensure the edge detail is done right, hire a professional. The right professional should be experienced, should have the state of the Art CNC, and should be licensed and insured.

You should aim to find at least three offers from fabricators, review their galleries to see already completed work and its quality, and get references. You can contact two recent customers of the fabricator and hear what they have to say. The right fabricator will advise using a waterfall countertop thickness that is the same at the top and the sides.

Instead of taking measurements and sending them to the fabricator, let the fabricator send a rep who will make accurate measurements.

Waterfall Countertop Designs

The color and style of the waterfall countertop should match your kitchen décor. However, the style is also determined by the materials you use. A waterfall countertop is considered contemporary but you can also add other designs that you feel will meet the needs of your kitchen. For instance, if you use wood, you can decide to have a hanging waterfall, one that not touch the floor.

In most cases, the waterfall countertop will look aesthetically appealing thanks to the sleekness of natural stone and other composite materials you might use. The finish that you apply after installation will also determine the style of the waterfall countertop. You can go for a bold finish with bold colors or patterns, you can go for white and black, or you can go with other colors in your kitchen.

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A waterfall kitchen countertop will add more beauty to your kitchen or bathroom. You can design a waterfall or hire a professional. For natural stone, hire a professional. If you trust your handy skills, you can install concrete or wood waterfall countertops yourself. You do not have to limit your waterfall to one design as there are hundreds of styles you can come up with.