Recover Data from Raw Partition – Everything One Needs to Know

Majority of the times, the condition does happen because of logical data corruption. But, the best part of this is the fact that you can recover data from raw partition.

If you are wondering what even is a partition, it is a part or section of the hard drive which is used to store the excess data. A hard drive itself can be divided into multiple partitions based on the requirements. NTFS is the most common file system in the Windows and the FAT is the one for the removal disks. Often times, during the process of when you are using the storage device, the partition does have the potential to instead become a RAW file instead. The same can affect a number of storage devices like hard disk, SD card, USB flash drive, etc.

A RAW file system is a condition in which the file system becomes hard to be recognized by the operating system. This results in Windows being unable to access and as well as mount the partition smoothly.

Majority of the times, the condition does happen because of logical data corruption. But, the best part of this is the fact that you can recover data from raw partition.

What are the symptoms of RAW drive issue?

If you are not technologically sound, chances are that you wouldn’t even realize that there’s something wrong with the process. It is important that you pay close attention to the problem to be able to repair raw partition before it’s too late.

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Some of the common messages on display include:

  • While opening file explorer, it shows “Disk not formatted.”
  • G: is not available. This parameter is incorrect
  • While running a chkdsk for a RAW drive, it pops up the message saying that “The type of the file system is RAW”
  • Location is not available. G: is not accessible.
  • Checking the properties of the file, you will find that it is a RAW file with 0 bytes in the free space

RAW Partition Recovery – follow the steps

Now, after knowing the basics about the RAW partition, it is now time to focus on the damaged partition recovery. This helps ensure that your files can be extracted back in the way they were to avoid any kind of issues all the more.

The process of recover raw partition to NTFS is definitely one of the best done when it comes down to the usage of the RecoverIt for the process.

All you need to do is downloading and then install RAW partition recovery on the computer. If you have a RAW external hard drive, the best way to combat that is by connecting the same to the PC. Following that, launch the recovery software and then follow through the steps that we mention.

Opening the RecoverIt Data Recovery software, select the Lost Partition from the available options that you have there and click “Start” button.
RecoverIt Data Recovery

Recoverit will scan through the files to help recover raw partition files that you had the risk of losing. It does restore all the data in minutes.
Recoverit will scan
Once the process of the scanning is done, the software does provide a preview of some of the recovered files. All you need to do is select the files that you deem necessary and then recover them.
process of the scanning
Once you click on “Recover”, it helps repair the raw partition and even recovers the files selected.

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Why does the disk partition become RAW file system?

Owing to the risks that the systems are exposed to, it is not surprising that there could very well be a number of factors contributing to this process. If you have been wondering what they are, we are going to state a few for your better understanding.

Improper shutdown

Not shutting down the system properly because of a sudden power cut while the hard disk and such are working can put the data to threat. The file system is often subjected to threat and can even result in the RAW position.

Error while changing the file systems

Varying operating systems make use of varying file systems. There are several instances of people wanting to change the format of the file to ensure that it’s viable on multiple platforms. The inclusion of any kind of third party application in the process can cause an issue all the more.

Virus attack

One of the most common reasons for partition raw is because of the malware that installs themselves into the system. These affect the storage and the data in the system, thus further putting the system at risk.

Here we have shared how to recover raw partition and hope that the same does help you out in the process all the more. If you are struggling with this, we hope the steps mentioned clear the doubts.