The Most Jaw-Dropping Home Improvement Projects

With the beauty of spring only just around the corner its, the perfect time to go grab your tools and get cracking with a DIY project which will truly transform your home/garden. To help ignite your home improvement inspiration, we have put together some dazzling projects that you should definitely consider tackling. All of the following projects have been put together with simplicity in mind, it’s as easy as grabbing timber supplies in Newcastle and crafting the home improvement idea that will serve you and your family for many years to come.

Stunning Timber Flooring

Over the years have the tiles within your home become cracked? Has your favourite colour carpet become discoloured and stained due to the messiness of family life? Well, if so it may be time to create a striking flooring solution which brings a breath of fresh air to your home. This project can be made as simple as complex as you would like it to be. Long timber flooring panels can be used to simplify the job while still creating amazing aesthetics which simply brighten up the room, alternatively, you can use smaller pannels to create a flooring patter which will become the conversation starter for any gathering with friends.

Grand Timber Decking

Although it may seem that summer is centuries away, it’s not, you actually have the perfect amount of time to get busy with a project which will completely transform the use of your garden for good. A timber decking is a great way to utilize unused garden space while creating a place where you and the family can enjoy the evenings with space to complete all your favourite activities. Sizzling sausages on the barbeque, strategic board game moves or even just sitting in the sun with some relaxing music are all now possible thanks to your lovely hand made decking.
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Rustic Plant Pot

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this unique DIY project really does allow you to display your most beloved plants in a manner never seen before. Creating plant pots out of timber opens up the possibilities to located your plants on any shelf, mount them to a wall or simply outline your garden while showing the plants in their full glory. The way you go about crafting these plant pots are completely up to you as the method will vary depending on where you plan to home them. This idea truly gives your favourite plants with the glory that they deserve.

Gorgeous Summer Gazebo

Definitely a home improvement project for those with a little more woodworking experience. An impressive gazebo creates the dreamy evening hideaway for family and friends to gather on a warm summers evening. Regardless of the weather, you can have the total peace of mind that everyone will keep sheltered and dry no matter what the unpredictable British weather decides to throw at you. The construction of a gazebo is no simple task and it can be very time consuming, but when you put your mind to a project of this size the end result can truly be magnificent.

Ultimate Garden Fencing

What a way to finish off your garden, freshly painted timber fencing which protects privacy while creating the professional finish that your garden deserves. You probably already do have a fence surrounding your garden, but is it looking a little worse for wear in recent years? If so it may be time to consider grabbing some new fence panels and create that beautiful enclosed garden which contains all the family favourite activities such as football, tag or even a gathering with friends. Fencing also adds a great solution to the frequent loss of footballs to your neighbour’s garden!