Reasons Why Artists Should be on Spotify

Music Industry has always been on boom and people across the Globe love music. Various music artists are very talented and skilful. Thus, there is a lot of competition in the market for getting a huge fan base. So, to beat this cut-throat competition out there and to acquire a lot of fans, it has become a need for the artists to do Spotify Promotion.

There are various reasons to choose Spotify as a medium to gain popularity. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons:

  • Spotify helps New artists: New artists must make use of this platform for making themselves renowned and well-known. Moreover, Spotify has millions of users all over the world. Thus, any newbie artist can utilize the importance of this platform to get the utmost advantage. Moreover, Spotify has even made new artists very popular. They have accumulated an enormous fan following via this platform itself, often with the help of companies like Spotipromo that take care of the promotion for the artist.
  • Spotify helps in generating revenue for artists: Selling music on Spotify has become a trend these days. Apart from Spotify Promotion, this medium even pays out a definite to the artists according to the quantity of their music being played. Moreover, recently Spotify has increased the payout for artists, and thus new artists can utilize this platform for generating massive revenue for themselves.
  • Automatic Spotify Promotion: When your music got streamed on Spotify, a lot of people listen and enjoy the music. Apart from this, they promote your music on their own. Thus, your half job is automatically done by your listener. Therefore, Spotify promotion will eventually make your music renowned gradually. It works on the concept of compounding. Suppose ten people are listening to your music, and five out of them liked it much music. These five people will share your music with their near and dear ones. Suppose each of them shares with at least five people, you got 25 new listeners, and thus chain follows ad helps in automatic streaming as well as enhancing in fan base. Therefore, it is the power of Spotify and playing music on it.
  • Spotify creates a homely environment: As we all know that life is very hectic and we a social animal need some relaxation to cope up with stress. Thus, music comes out to be very handy in this regard. Spotify generates notifications which automatically goes to the followers of all the artists whenever new music is released. In this way, artists need not put any effort to call their followers to enjoy their music. They come on their own, and thus Spotify promotion helps in making it easier to stay in touch with the ardent followers. So, when the audience starts getting pop-ups, it sounds very personal with a particular artist, and thus it helps in further strengthening of the bond between artists and followers.
  • Decrease in Piracy: Piracy has taken a heavy toll in music as well as the entertainment industry. It’s like a curse. Thus, Spotify has dealt with this menace effectively by providing subscription services. Spotify has successfully managed to decrease the piracy rate up to a large extent and has leas to smooth selling of music. Spotify has thus lead to higher revenues in this industry and has benefitted both followers as well as artists. Further, this platform will come up with techniques that will mainly tackle this issue of piracy and will make the music doping-free.
  • Analyze your performance: Spotify helps the artist to see how they have performed and thus gives them motivation for doing better. Moreover, it provides a better idea to all the new artists regarding their music, and therefore you can take advantage of this platform to shine among the crowd. Moreover, this is the single platform which helps in growing the fan base as well as the skills of the artists. Spotify acts as a powerful medium to get the best outcome from your music being produced. What else one can expect when one is getting a systematic analysis of how one’s music is working in the market and how people like it. Thus, through Spotify promotion provides a compelling medium to promote the song apart from measuring its output.

Thus, it was all about Spotify and how it helps several new artists to lay a foundation for their success in the music industry. It enables them to acquire new followers and strengthen their fan base through Spotify promotion. This way, artists get to learn many new things which not only helps them but also to the followers who stringently follow them to get something new each time.

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