5 Impressive Benefits of Eating Chicken

Chicken is a dominant food in the diet of many conscious eaters and people following a strict health regime. Reports have confirmed that it is fantastic and super nutritious and is now termed as the new superfood. There was never any doubt left in the minds of food makers regarding the taste, and nutritional value of chicken and a recent study has only reconfirmed the faith.

1. High Protein Content

High Protein Content

Protein –the bodybuilding food is one of the essential nutrients needed by us in our regular diet. It is required by almost all our body parts which include hair, skin, muscles and many more organs. With this kind of knowledge, one would seldom want to give this food a miss in their regular meals. As per statistics, a 100g of chicken breast carries a mammoth of 32 g of protein. With this staggering amount of protein can make all the steaks go green with envy. Protein per gram in chicken is found in excess than most cuts of beef with the added advantage that has fat to the minimal.

2. Increased Metabolism

Increased Metabolism
Chicken also helps to accelerate the metabolism. More fat is burned just because they require a lot of energy in the process of complete digestion. Reports have justified the fact that people who are following a protein-rich diet burn double the amount of calories in contrast to people following carbohydrate-rich regime once they are through with their meal. Also, during a dietary programme consuming protein supports in conserving muscle mass, thus making metabolism work at its utmost level.

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3. Reduced Cholesterol

Reduced Cholesterol
Having your cholesterol under control and taking adequate steps to keep it checked at lower levels requires restricted diet and cautiousness. Chicken can play a significant role for health and can be a part of this regimen. Chicken when compared to other fatty proteins which have fats loaded in them, adds the cholesterol content in the body bit is at its minimal. Nevertheless, other reasons should be taken into consideration when calculating the amount of cholesterol consumed. If the skin is discarded or used, which piece is chosen for consumption and how the preparation is carried, can alter the amount of cholesterol intake. A chicken devoid of skin, as also devouring just a piece of breast chicken can make one less guilty of taking in cholesterol though in a regulated manner. Similarly, if you add gravy while preparing this food, the cholesterol count shoots up.

4. Protect Eyesight

Protect Eyesight
It is a common belief that eyesight problems are inevitable along with the passage of years. This is a myth, as one can retain good eyesight the chances of eye problems faced due to the passage of time by 25%-zinc being one of them. Zinc executes the work of carrying vitamin A to the retina, and it is here that it is used to carry on the process of making melanin-a precautionary pigment. Chicken is rich in zinc thus helping in keeping age-related loss in sight at a distance. It is also an excellent source for producing Retinol, alpha and beta-carotene all important for healthy sight.

5. Essential for Healthy Tissue Growth

Collagen and elastin are two fibrous proteins that help in strengthening tissues. Tissues tend to lose their strength with the passage of time and thus these nutrients get involved in getting the same back. Chicken supports the growth of these nutrients and eventually fabricating our tissues in a healthy fashion. Chicken livers also contain Riboflavin also popularly known as Vitamin B2 is essential to keep skin diseases at bay as well as in regeneration of dry and damaged skin. You can cook the Chicken liver in different way, here are Chicken Liver Recipes you will enjoy.

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Thus this summarises to the statement that indeed chicken is “the new superfood.”