8 Vacuum Cleaning Tips & Tricks for You Never Know

Before you take out the vacuum cleaner, you should remove all interfering objects. Because when the vacuum cleaner is already in operation, the back and forth ensure idle times, unnecessary power consumption, and annoying interruptions.

Housework can be a real time-saver – but with clever planning and a vacuum cleaner that is tailored to your own living situation and personal needs, you can comfortably and quickly ensure clean floors in your own four walls. Enjoy your time as you like: on the sofa with a good book or together with the whole family!

According to our study, vacuuming is even one of the more popular household jobs for the USA, but parents in particular still face major challenges in everyday life to reconcile their numerous duties. But how do you get family, job, and household under one roof?

Tip 1: Preparation in the room

Before you take out the vacuum cleaner, you should remove all interfering objects. Because when the vacuum cleaner is already in operation, the back and forth ensure idle times, unnecessary power consumption, and annoying interruptions.

So first, remove floor vases, lanterns, and shoes, put all the chairs on the table. So, you can then sweep through the entire room with one swing without having to stop once. Sweeping on smooth floors before vacuuming can also save time when vacuuming.

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Tips 2: Readiness for use of the vacuum cleaner

You want to vacuum quickly, but the vacuum cleaner has little power? Then the vacuum cleaner bag or collecting container is usually full. This can be annoying if you are pressed for time.

Therefore, always check the filter and bag after the actual use so that the vacuum cleaner can be used with the next cleaning.

Tip 3: The right socket and cable length

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner to clean a room from dirt, look for a socket from which you can reach the entire room. Nothing is more annoying than reaching the limit of the range and having to change the power connection in the middle of vacuuming.

Therefore, pull out the cable completely at the beginning and start in the far corner. This way, you know how far you can get, and you don’t always have to stop to pull the cable. At the same time, the cable is also protected against overheating.

Tip 4: Methodical suction

Quickly sucked through the room, and that was it? This usually does not give a satisfactory result. Jobs are quickly overlooked, and time-consuming improvements are required.

Instead, methodically take the room with the vacuum cleaner. Start at the back and work your way towards the door.

In this way, you not only vacuum all areas but, at the same time, avoid that dirt is redistributed to previously vacuumed areas.

Tip 5: Focus on certain areas

In a house or apartment, some rooms need more attention than others. Think about the rooms in which you spend the most time with your family.

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Mostly it is the living room – the center of family life, the kitchen, and the bathroom. These rooms should, therefore, be vacuumed more often and more intensively, since more dirt is generated here than in a little-used study.

So, focus during the week on the most important rooms in your own home and only vacuum the entire house on weekends.

Tip 6: Suck slowly, ultimately saving time

Whoever sucks more slowly is done faster. This may sound paradoxical at first and make little sense, especially under time pressure.

But the slower you drive the carpet and the like with the floor nozzle, the more effectively you clean. If you sweep across the floor too quickly, you cannot pick up enough dirt and have to work on the spots more often. Ultimately, this takes significantly longer.

So, vacuum your floor at a slow and steady pace, and don’t let the rush rub off on your movements!

Tip 7. Change the Vacuum Cleaner Bag Regularly

In order to always ensure the full suction power of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner bag should be changed regularly. With a full vacuum cleaner bag, the vacuum cleaner cannot develop its full suction power, and the entire dirt in the apartment cannot be removed.

This vacuum cleaning tips from homeplix, make sure to only use original filter bags in order to maintain full suction power.

Tip 8: More is more

If you vacuum more often, you have to remove less dirt. This also makes the use of the vacuum cleaner more time-efficient. If you don’t have the time yourself to constantly clean carpets, parquet, etc., then you can go with this best vacuum under 100 dollars list, here you will find some wow carpet cleaning tool, which is also a budget-friendly tool.

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He can clean the apartment several times a week without you having to do anything yourself. Simply program times once, and then all you have to do is check and change the dirt container. In the case of large plastering, you should then clean it yourself with the cylinder vacuum cleaner.


At last, but most important vacuuming tips, periodically cleaning your vacuum’s filter, hoses, and brushes, will also help to ensure your tools are hair-free and will prevent your vacuum from clogging and overheating while you use it.