Top 5 Coronavirus House & Home Deep Cleaning Methods Tips

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips-Have you thought about the amount of germs that lingers on the surfaces. Of all these things you touch several times in a day like remote controls, doorknobs, refrigerator doors, sinks, cabinet handles, etc.? I bet you don’t think about it! You probably don’t take washing your hand serious when you’re at home like you do outside because your home is your comfort zone.

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Sanitize those areas with disinfectant wipe quickly, in prevention of germs. Do this once or twice daily in order to get out the germs. You might need to wipe your surface more often if you have someone who is ill staying with you. Air dry the area you have wiped so that it will have enough time to kill any lingering bacteria.

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips #1


You can use disinfectant spray like Lysol to clear germs that cannot be seen in places like your carpet and couch. To get the whole surface, spray in sweeping motion, before working or sitting on the surface, allow it to dry completely. They can also be sprayed on tables, counter tops and mattresses. To clean your sink handles and other surfaces that are small. You can spray the disinfectant on a paper towel if you don’t have wipes.

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Coronavirus Cleaning Tips #2


You might track germs and viruses into your home with your shoes if you don’t pull them off before going in, this is due to the fact that you step on a lot of gross stuffs outside.

It has been recommended by the CDC that you use 1 cup of bleach mixed with 5 gallons of water in cleaning your bathroom and kitchen floors, and other floors in your home. You’ll have to use another type of disinfectant for porous floors.

Example; you can use bleach to get out the stain color on hardwood.

Here, you can mix half a cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of water for your hardwood floor or use disinfecting wet mop cloth on it.

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips #3


Hydrogen peroxide is not just used in whitening teeth alone, according to CDC, within eight minutes 3% of hydrogen peroxide inactivated rhinovirus.

Let the substance soak for about 10-15 minutes after pouring it on surfaces like toilets, sinks or countertops.

With this, it will have enough time to do its work. Scrub the place after letting it stay for some minutes, then use water to rinse those areas.

Seeing as the bristles in your toothbrush can harbor bacteria, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean them.

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips #4


Use Microban 24 to keep your home safe and protected. Microban 24 is a just released product by Proctor and Gamble, that is to protect surfaces for 24 hours.

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This antibacterial cleaner comes in different types, there is the bathroom cleaner. Disinfectant spray and a multipurpose cleaner.

Even though it is not on the EPA list, it is believed by the company that the product is capable of killing viruses.

Including coronavirus, if it is used as a disinfectant. It will help in the prevention of germs from every surfaces in your home if it is used every day.

In order to make sure that your home is always protected, you can start off your day by using Microban 24 to sanitize your house.

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips #5


You get exposed to germs and viruses when you go out, and they trail you to your car. Your best bet is to sanitize these areas in your car daily. Steering wheel, cup holders, the door handle, keys or start button, gear shift, controls, and seats. Also, knobs on your dash, anything touchscreen, all buttons, sun visor and the console.

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With the exception of touchscreens and anything leather, disinfectant wipes can be used on most surfaces. For your car leather, there’s a different kind of wipe that you can use in cleaning them.

You can use a microfiber to clean your car touchscreen (except the manual says differently). If they need time to dry, you can use a spray like Lysol on the cloth seats.

Make sure you clean the touchscreen in your car regularly. Here are some other items in your home you should also disinfect:

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The keyboard and mouse of your computer Amazon Echo ($100 at Amazon) speakers and Google Home ($99 at Walmart) Your TV buttons and remote control Electronics that you use a lot like your phones and tablets Debit cards We have a lot of tips to help keep you and your family safe.

As the world is trying to manage the coronavirus pandemic. In avoiding COVID-19. You can limit your exposure to the virus without having to isolate yourself. With this nine practical tips and ways by which the virus can be kept off your phone. And also reasons why you shouldn’t make your own hand sanitizer.

***This article is meant to educate and inform you only, it is not a medical or health advice.

***Consult your doctor or any licensed health practitioner if you have any medical or health related questions.