What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

Let us show you a bit what your living room reveals about you.

Quite similar to what your clothes, shoes or the kind of bag you are wearing speaks about you, your living room also portrays your personality. This is why people mostly opt for an interior designer while choosing a theme for their living room that gets along well with their overall look of the home. They also realise what kind of an impact it can make on the guests.

The first glimpse of your living room can reveal a lot about your personal and family values henceforth, you should always keep the most of your budget for your family room while renovating your home. You can speak to your interior designers for living room renovations and trust us when we say that, you won’t regret it.

Let us show you a bit what your living room reveals about you.

1- Your choice of color schemes

We’re pretty sure you already know how various color schemes make a huge difference. Imagine being invited to someone’s place and the moment you enter the living room, it’s all black colored. Will it look welcoming to you compared to a room that’s painted with some nude color?
Your choice of color schemes

Dark colors depict the boldness and edgy nature of a person while light has sophistication and more calmness in them.

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Not to demean anyone’s choices but the fact remains intact that your choice of words says a lot about you.

2- A piece of furniture that does not go well

A lot of people tend to gather all kinds of furniture in their living room for all sorts of weird reasons. I mean, what does a chester have to do in a living room? And what did you think, setting up a couch-cum-bed sofa right in the heart of your home makes you look like? A wealthy man who’s got plenty of money to get couches?

No! It rather looks quite odd. Your living room should have a compact set of sofas of light color and a coffee table to look chic.

3- Artwork on your wall portrays your personal tendencies

If you are walking into someone’s living room for the first time and you are curious what kind of social and political tendencies they have, observe their artwork closely. It’s not always pictures or sceneries hanging at their wall, it could be anything like a decoration piece as well.
Artwork on your wall portrays your personal tendencies
Even one piece of artwork has the potential to disclose enough about a person. The artwork choices can tell if one is a sociopath, an philanthropist, a compassionate person or even a nihilist. So you better choose the artwork to hang on your walls that matches well with your personal traits and give open and welcoming vibes to the viewers.

There are many other things that help you decide what a person’s prone towards but these are the major things that everyone notices about. We hope you enjoyed the blog, do let us know what kind of living room you have and what do you observe when you visit a new place.