Stamped Concrete to Fit Your Budget and Style

A wood plank pattern works well for walkways – especially in modern homes – with less maintenance than an actual wooden walkway.

Stamped Concrete provides a cost-effective, durable landscaping option for homeowners in all climates. Whether it’s your walkway, driveway or patio, stamped concrete offers homeowners a wealth of styles to fit your style and budget. And you’ll spice up your curb appeal with your unique style. As you browse options, keep these things in mind.


Stamped concrete patterns can work in any space but, some work better than others. For driveways and patios, consider slate, random stone, seamless textures, or cobblestone. These patterns provide the look of pavers, while installation takes a fraction of the time.

A wood plank pattern works well for walkways – especially in modern homes – with less maintenance than an actual wooden walkway.

Style of your home

With the variety of available options, there’s a style to match your home. If you live in a more traditional home, consider a classic look like London Cobblestone, Herringbone New Brick, or European Fan. Patterns like Classic Wood or Fractured Cypress Slate may work well with modern homes. Ultimately the choice is yours. And if you have trouble deciding, you can always look to your contractor for guidance.

Here are a few more options to consider. You can see the ideas here:

  • London Cobble – traditional cobblestone with a light texture
  • Ashlar Cut Slate – slate in an ashlar pattern
  • Random Stone – heavily textured fieldstones in a random pattern
  • Classic Wood – multiple wood grains for a bold exposed wood texture with six-inch-wide planks
  • Running Bond New Brick – smooth joint bricks in a running bond brick pattern
  • Herringbone New Brick – bricks with a few indentations and irregularities arranged in a herringbone pattern
  • Grand Ashlar – stones in a variety of shapes and sizes in an ashlar pattern
  • European Fan – curved rectangular slate stones arranged in a European fan pattern
  • Fractured Cypress Slate – heavily textured slate with fractured split edge joints
  • Stones of Athens – limestone, marble, and granite combined to mimic the craftsmanship of Ancient Greece
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Your personal style

You communicate who you are through how you decorate and landscape your home. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and choose the style that appeals to you. Why not match a traditional home with more modern landscaping.

Stamped concrete can also mimic real stonework with all its indentations and imperfections – giving you the option of that authentic stone paver feel.
Your personal style
Consider showing off your personality by adding a medallion or a border to your concrete pattern. You can add a medallion stamp or custom border to give your project that extra personal touch.


Stamped concrete offers affordable solutions for all budgets. Easy installation means lower labor costs. And the durability of concrete means it will last for years.

As you browse patterns, come up with a short list that checks all the boxes. Once you have an idea for what you want, work with your contractor to make that vision a reality.

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