Best Lamp Styles for Small Spaces

Vertical space is the room between your floor and your ceiling. It includes your walls, doors, or mirrors in the space. That’s one reason why you must utilize vertical space when lighting up a small space.

Homeowners living in small houses or apartments have fewer choices to light up their living space. Minimal floor space and a lack of natural light make apartments or small homes look dull and dingy.

One of the most helpful tips for installing light options for smaller places is to take advantage of vertical space. Such a space refers to any space between the ceiling and the floor. For instance, your doors, walls, and mirrors offer vertical space. Now you know even smaller houses have so much potential if we don’t just consider the square footage.

Utilizing Vertical Space with Lamps

Vertical space is the room between your floor and your ceiling. It includes your walls, doors, or mirrors in the space. That’s one reason why you must utilize vertical space when lighting up a small space.

Your home’s potential is more than just the floor and wall space! Vertical space allows you to use vertically situated furnishings such as lighting visually to the gaze up towards the ceiling.

When reflecting on lighting options to light up small spaces in your work, office, or any living space, choose beautiful and contemporary lamp styles. Lamps ideal for small spaces come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes. These décor accessories do a great job when it comes to lighting up any part of your home or office.

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In this guide, you’ll get an overview of the most beautiful and functional big or small lamps for your living space.

What are the different styles of lamps?

What are the different styles of lamps

Buffet Lamps

These tall and slender lamps are over 32 inches in height. In simple words, buffet lamps are the taller version of a standard table lamp. The design directs light downwards onto the table or floor for illuminating your food or area rug. Placing these beautiful décor items on your nightstand or living room table is a great way to enhance the light in your small home.

Arc Lamps

The arc floor lamp adds a classy yet contemporary touch to your décor. Such lamps come with long and curved arms, and their purpose is to light up hard to reach areas. Nova of California, the oldest lighting manufacturer in the US, released the very first arc lamp in the country. Learn more about arc lamps with their guide, “The Art of the Arc Floor Lamp.”

Reading or Small Table Lamps

A must-have addition to your kids’ study table or a small reading corner, this lamp comes with a single arm and a small base. An overhead lamp lights up a specific area. If you don’t have the space to add a large study table or workstation, small table lamps let you work efficiently, regardless of your room size.

Tripod Lamps

These lamps are famous for their three-legged based and come in a variety of styles and materials. You can choose a uniquely-shaped metallic or wooden tripod lamp for lighting up your small living room or hallway.

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Floor Lamps

The best part about floor lamps is that most of these come with a swing arm so you can extend them without moving their base. Keep them in your small bedroom or low-traffic areas so your guests don’t run into them when hosting family or friends.

Bedside Table Lamps

The purpose of any table lamp is to accent light and add a dramatic effect to a room. Bedside table lamps are perfect for end tables or nightstands where they offer a peaceful illuminating glow. Such lamps also make an excellent addition to your living room when you place them along with buffet lamps. Your guests will love dining in a beautiful and dreamy setting.

How to Choose the Best Lamp Styles for Small Spaces

How to Choose the Best Lamp Styles for Small Spaces

Consider the size and dimensions of the space you want to light up with a lamp. In some cases, you may prefer hanging lamps to save floor space, whereas some areas require large and tall lamps. Choose options that add a pleasant and aesthetic appeal to your living space. For instance, if you are looking for lamps to light up your kitchen, go for bright overhead lamps. For your bedroom or living room, choose the table and floor lamps. Buffet lamps are perfect for lighting up your dining area and living room.

You can use more than one light source in a room, even if you live in a small apartment or home. Many interior decorators focus on using multiple lighting options to create a contrast between light at the center and around a room’s perimeter. You can also create darker spaces in between different for adding more drama to your setting.

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Here are some ways to use small ways to light up small spaces or different areas of your living space.


If you don’t want to install a large chandelier on your hallway ceiling, choose a small lamp light for the ceiling. The lamp will cast a beam to light up the walls, making space look bigger and brighter. Another way of lighting up your hallway is to place a large lamp on a small dresser. Their small size won’t take too much space, leave the floor for foot traffic, and place small furniture.

Spare Room

If you have a small or spare bedroom that you do not usually use, placing a table lamp or a floor lamp can help you save ample space. Hang a beautiful lamp above a nightstand or use small table lamps to add more light.


What’s a bedroom without a lamp? While some specific designs and styles are specifically for bedroom décor, you can choose just about any style that compliments your bedroom dimensions. Lamps offer a great way to add ambient lighting to your bedroom and make it super-comfy to unwind after a long day. You can also add more than one lamp in your room to light up specific areas of your room, such as near the window or your dressing table.

Final Thoughts On Best Lights for Small Spaces

We all know how the right accessories lift our spirits and help us become more relaxed or productive. When buying lamps for small spaces, don’t forget to experiment with decorative styles and materials to see what goes well for a specific area.