Fastest Growing Dangerous Home Trends

So, without further ado, here are some of the fastest-growing home trends that must be avoided while designing your dream home.

When it comes to the home decoration, nothing can take place of comfortable styles that are elegant and make your home look beautiful. But over some time, people and home designers have gone so crazy for trying out something that some of the designs and options have proved to be not favorable for home decors.

To further shed light on the fastest-growing dangerous home trends, our team went on a research and took the opinion of many expert home designers, known for their work and came up with some trends that should not be adopted for home decorating and designing.

So, without further ado, here are some of the fastest-growing home trends that must be avoided while designing your dream home.

Color Based on designing and decoration

To bring the liveliness in the home furnishing instead of the white and light gray shaded, there are trends of fast colors coming up in a big way. But sometimes the combination of the color and the choice of the colors like pink, neon colors don’t go with the mainstream designing. In such cases, first, we must look at the interior of the house, its designing and then choose such colors. The selection of fast colors is a great idea but it goes only with modern designs. So, before finalizing look at the architecture of the house and then go for the colors.

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Space taking dining tables

In most of the houses a decade ago, you must have noticed that there war trend of having a big designer dining table that use to occupy a lot of space in the living area. In modern houses, especially in the flat system, you can’t afford to keep a big dining table. So, if you have an antique style dining table, replace it and go for the simpler one before moving to a new home. The big dining tables are no more trending and they are a kind of misfit for the modern homes.

Glass bathrooms

Glassware used in the home decoration is the oldest yet elegant trend that adds value to the home decoration. But some years back, the trend of glass bathrooms came. That was a dangerous trend for people living with elders and kids. The glass is a delicate and breakable material and it can injure badly. The trend is outdated now and the glass material is replaced with Teflon. Insensitive areas like the kitchen and bathroom, the decoration is done with the tile and other types of decorative material.

Same Color: Everywhere

In the old home, the colors like white, light yellow, shades of gray were used everywhere. Though these colors were good enough to match with any color interior or furniture the modern designer doesn’t prefer the same color walls everywhere. Instead, there is a trend of painting the master wall with a dark color or using self or striking designs. Remember, the interior trends might change the look and feel of the house. Contrast Wall color painting is one of the trendy styles that can fit your budget. Moreover, you always have the option to change the colors and try new combinations.

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Flooring and Ceiling

The flooring and ceiling are the two main things that have a greater impact on the look of the house. Earlier the flooring was done using traditional styles that use to give a similar type of look to every house. Nowadays, modern home decors include trendy flooring styles using materials like vinyl. These materials come in light and dark colors. They are easy to clean and stay for a long time.

At the same time, the ceiling of the house matters. The latest trend is to have a fall ceiling that covers the living, dining, and bedrooms with stylish lights. The trend of using smart lights are a cost-saving option. In most of the renovations. This one of the trends that are in demand of every user.

Shelly Carpets

Carpets and rugs are the choices of every home decorator but the style that you choose must suit your requirements. The shell carpets look good and attractive and they are found in the variety of colors and designs but we can’t ignore the fact that they attract dust. Moreover, if you are having a pet at home then you must avoid the use of these carpets.

Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture like big sofa sets and carved furniture are one of the old trends that use to suit the big homes. Nowadays they don’t go with the lifestyle of the people as many they require maintenance and time for cleaning. We would not call it a bad design but yet this is one of the old home decoration styles that are no more followed. People like to but designer furniture that plain yet provides an extraordinary look to their house with minimum maintenance.
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Overloaded Electronic Gadgets

One of the fast-growing dangerous home trends are the overuse of electronic gadgets and the consumption of more electricity. This must be avoided to protect our environment. It’s not a living style or the significance of richness but it can badly affect the health of members staying in such homes. Things like big-screen TVs, the Loud Music system, extra use of lights are the few things that can be easily avoided by bringing small changes in the lifestyle.


If you are about to go for a home renovation insurance claim or trying to buy a new home then keeping track of such dangerous trends will help you in setting up a home that can perfectly match your requirement. After all, home is a place where you spend quality time with your family and you wish to have the best of things. For having more home décor tips, you can always visit Kin’s website that will provide more tips for making a stylish home. Always remember, following dangerous trends could lead to accidents so avoid them!