Was Your Roof Damaged in a Storm – What You Need to Do Immediately

For many Americans, severe weather and strong storms are now becoming a way of life. Where it used to seem that large storms were few and far between, today, severe weather seems to happen on a fairly regular basis. Climate change has already caused the temperature in the United States to increase by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1901, and that increase is predicted to continue growing. Sea levels are also on the rise, which has led to all kinds of changes including heavier rainfall in many states.

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Along with heavy storm rainfall, winds can be pretty significant, causing their own path of destruction and damage. One area of your home that can take a real beating in the severe weather is your roof, ranging from minor to pretty significant damage. Knowing what the initial steps should be when dealing with roof damage can help to protect not just the roof in general, but the interior of your home too. Before you take a look, we would like you to read this roof repair guide.
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Do a Visual Inspection

First things first, you want to do a visual inspection, from the ground, around the entire perimeter of your house. Do you see any obvious signs of damage? If there is severe damage where you worry about the integrity of the structure, everyone should leave the house immediately until the professionals can come to take a look.

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Some of the things you want to look for in your visual inspection include missing shingles, loose sealant, missing flashing, shingles that don’t seem secure, holes in the roof, and water damage in the interior of your home.

Contact Your Home Insurance Provider

You want to also contact your home insurance provider immediately to file a claim if you have coverage. They may need to send out their own adjuster to take a look at the damage before any work and repairs are done.

Do Not Attempt the Repairs Yourself

Do Not Attempt the Repairs Yourself
While you may be tempted to climb up on the roof yourself to see if you can assess and fix the damage, this should not be attempted. Leave it to trained professionals that have the proper safety equipment, training, and tools.

In terms of who to call, look for professionals that have experience and qualifications in roof repair, such as Advantage Construction Inc. You want to know they have experience dealing with storm damage and understand the best way to go about repairing it.

Repairs vs Replacement

Depending on how extensive the damage is, you’ll likely be looking at a repair job versus a full roof replacement. In order to warrant a full replacement, the damage would need to be extremely significant. The age of your roof and the condition of it prior to the storm may also help to determine what solution is best.
Repairs vs Replacement

Knowing the Right Steps to Take

Knowing what the right steps are to take after your roof has sustained damage in a storm will help to ensure the home is kept safe and secure, and that it is fixed in the fastest way possible.