The 12000-Watt Portable Generator Buying Guide: 7 Tips to Know

Let’s look at the different factors that you need to consider:

Purchasing a portable generator may seem a challenging task for many. Portable generators consist of lots of technical details that beads to be considered when you are thinking about purchasing a 12000-watt portable generator.

This article will help you know about the different factors that you need to consider before purchasing a portable generator.

Let’s look at the different factors that you need to consider:

Power requirement

Before you purchase a 12000 watt portable generator, know about the power you want to supply. For this, you need to calculate the wattage of all devices and appliances that you use in your home. If you don’t have an understanding about the wattage of devices, you can contact an electrician who can help you know about the wattage of each device. Getting a generator without having an understanding of the power supply can be a poor decision.



You need to know your requirement from the generator. Thus, if you are looking for a generator that can be used at recreational places or for places that need shifting of generators from one place to neither, a portable generator can be a perfect choice.

Capacity and run time

It is also important to have knowledge about the fuel that will be used by your generator. You also need to know about the refuelling capacity of the generator. Keep in mind that a generator with a big fuel capacity does not mean that it will run for a longer time. The runtime of a generator depends on the way fuel is used.

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Starting and running watts

Peak watts and running watts are two important factors that you need to look for before purchasing a portable generator. The peak watt means the watt used by the generator at the time of power surge. The running watt means the watt that the generator mostly uses while running smoothly. Before you purchase a 12000-watt portable generator, ask the seller about the peak watt as well as the running watt.
Starting and running watts


Weight is an important factor to be considered, especially if you are looking to purchase a portable generator. Get a device that is portable enough and which can be moved from one place to another easily. Thus, invest in a portable generator that has appropriate weight so that you can move it easily. This point is especially important if you are looking for a portable generator that can be used for outdoor spaces.

Storage space

Most generators are kept in the garage or any other exterior storage home we have. Make sure to purchase a portable generator that can be kept easily, even in a small space. In addition to this, also look for a generator that doesn’t need frequent maintenance.
Storage space

Fuel source

Fuel source factor depends upon how much you care for the environment. It is always recommended to go for a clean source of fuel so that your portable generator doesn’t cause air pollution. Try to go for a generator that can work with a propane source of fuel. Propane doesn’t cause pollution to the environment. As far as possible, try to avoid gasoline-based fuel for generators.

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Thus, before you purchase a portable generator, pay close attention to all these factors so that you get the best portable generator. Purchasing a portable generator for your home or office can be a big investment, and thus, you need to look at different factors before you make the purchase.

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