4 Easy Ways to Make a Guest Room More Inviting

The appearance of your guest room could set the tone for the person’s other impressions about the entire visit. Fortunately, if your guest room could benefit from improvements, it’s easy to make some that will pay off in substantial ways without requiring you to deal with inconveniences.

1. Add Some New Light Sources

A well-lit room can seem more appealing than one that looks dreary. Perhaps the main source of interior light in the room isn’t as bright as you’d like. That’s a common problem, and one you can solve quickly by being more diverse with your lighting choices. For example, place a floor lamp in an unused corner of the room. Or, consider investing in a table lamp for the nightstand. You could even bring a little more creativity into the mix and set a strand of string lights on a dresser.

Before your guests arrive, always make sure the lights are plugged in and don’t need new bulbs. Being proactive that way saves your guest from the embarrassment of mentioning that they need a new bulb or can’t locate where a lamp’s power source connects to the wall.

2. Create a Basket of Goodies

It’s nice to let your guests know that you’ve thought of things they may have forgotten or not thought about at all. For example, you can collect items for a bedside basket of small but carefully chosen things for your guests. A travel-sized tube of toothpaste, a package of over-the-counter painkillers, and a pair of earplugs are some practicalities you might include.

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However, you can also take a more personalized touch when deciding what goes in the basket. Consider writing a list of the things you recommend any visitor do while in town. Add some kind of consumable treat that’s popular in your area, or conclude that you’ll even make that in your kitchen before the guest gets to your home.

Place the basket of goodies somewhere that’s visible and makes it clear that the guest is welcome to use the items in it. The nightstand is an excellent possibility.

3. Replace the Window Blinds

The blinds on the window are things that you may not think about often, but they can enhance the room through both a visual element and a practical one. Also, if the current blinds are faded or have broken slats, they detract from how the room looks overall.

Instead of attempting to choose and install blinds without help, think about working with a specialty company like Next Day Blinds. You can get ideas of how a Next Day Blinds professional helps clients by looking at social media feeds filled with photos that demonstrate how well-chosen blinds improve a home. Then, if you need further content to explore before making your decision, the official YouTube channel for Next Day Blinds is a fantastic place to look.

Window blinds give guests the choice of letting light in to make the room look more cheerful or closing them for privacy when required. So, there’s a good chance that visitors will use the new blinds you decide to go with when revamping the space.

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4. Increase the Available Storage

You can also make a guest room look better by adding more storage options to it. That may mean purchasing some under-bed containers or hiring someone to build a custom cabinet that takes advantage of an awkward angle in the room’s design. Including a luggage rack is another great solution because it prevents a guest from having to put their suitcase on the bed or the floor when unpacking or stowing it.

As these ideas show, you can update your guest room in ways that make sense for visitors’ needs and are relatively straightforward. Depending on professional help can also make things go even more smoothly as you make these planned changes.