5 Questions to Ask If You Suspect Bed Bugs Invasion

The incidence of bed bugs is common in Singapore. In recent times, it has increased. If you travel frequently for business, stay in in a residence, where there are groups of families stay, our you go on vacation frequently odds are that you may get caught in bed bug infestation. Experience shows that these bugs are common places including plane, hotels and resorts, libraries senior citizen facilities, diverse forms of mass transit and so on. In this context, there here are five questions you need to pose if you suspect bed bugs’ infestation and where to find bed bugs control in Singapore?

How to identify bed bugs infestation?

1. Be aware that bed bugs can hide even in the tiniest space.

Be aware that bed bugs can hide even in the tiniest space

It’s hard to find bugs even for trained and experienced professionals. You can, however, know it by looking for the signs. The evidence that you should look for will help you judge the extent of the invasion. The signs that you can find are stains of fecal matter, shed pieces of skin, carcasses, and eggs. You can find these signs on the surface where bed bugs hide. The places of hideout are mattresses, headboards, cupboards, nightstands, bed frames, shoes, crutches, curtains, toys, furniture, under carpets, telephones, fire areas and more.

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2. Can I get identify bed bug bites by my doctor?

Your doctor or even dermatologists might not be aware of bed bugs. This is because your doctor might not have any training in studying the infestation by the bugs. Added to this is the general nature of insect bite – difficulty in diagnosis.

It may take years for one to identify the bug invasion. Unless it is properly diagnosed, it may be for psoriasis, dry skin, dermatitis, seborrhea, scabies, and other skin diseases before the invasion of bed bugs gets identified accurately. You will need to find out how many bed bugs are there?

3. What should I take care of to avoid bed bugs when traveling?

Hotels are commonplace bug invasion spots. There is no guarantee that you will not become bed bug carrier when you travel for business or vacation.
What should I take care of to avoid bed bugs when traveling
You can follow these steps to avoid carrying bed bugs.

Once you get the check-in, go into the room such that you can just close the door behind.Leave your luggage behind. Take a flashlight and check beneath the matter, headboard box spring. Look for any signs of bed bugs.If you find any signs of invasion, ask the personnel in the hotel if there is any history of bed bug infestation in the past. You can also ask the personnel of the hotel before you get into the room about the infestation in the past.Seal your luggage with large plastic bags. This will help prevent bed bugs from creeping into your luggage.You can use compact luggage encasement. This will protect your luggage from getting infected with bed bugs.Use good quality encasement for mattresses.

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4. What preventive steps should we take if our neighboring apartment has bed bug infestation?

If you know that the apartment besides yours has the invasion, it does not mean that your apartment will get invaded as well. However, odds are that bed bugs can traverse from apartment to another by different means.

Speak to the apartment landlord on this. Know what steps they are taking to prevent the proliferation of the problem to your apartment.Make sure exercise heightened vigilance against bed bugs. If you still suspect the steps are enough, keep on taking preventive measures t to ensure there are no bugs in your apartment.

5. How to tackle bed bugs?

Bed bugs come back even if you destroy them. This is because of their life cycle. The bugs lay eggs that bring nymphs. the nymphs become adults.
How to tackle bed bugs
Make sure to treatment results in insufficient coverage. Thus, even if there are a few tens of surviving eggs in your home, they can be destroyed by steam treatment. Adult bugs can live up to a few months and keep on thriving with feeding. You can uproot the problem. Bed bugs’ invasion is a stubborn issue and needs quality chemicals, methods of treatment to get rid of from your home. The bugs survive for four to six months. A treatment cycle involving three times coupled with steam treatment can help the bugs at bay up to two months.


The climate of the region that you live is good for bed bugs. Therefore, it’s become a common infestation. These five questions discussed in the preceding paragraphs will help you fix the issue of bed bugs if you suspect an invasion. Take professional help if need be. Research online. Also read, can bed bugs breed in your curtains or carpet?

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