How To Arrange The Best House Warming Party For Your Guests

Whether you decide to use an exclusive guest list, host an open party, or go all casual or fancy, you’ll still need a strategy. Of course, you’d want your guests to enjoy their time at your house and keep good memories of the party. As such, planning for the big day is critical. But, you don’t necessarily need to overspend; after all, you are still settling into the new house.

So, you have finally moved to the house of your dreams. Congratulations on that–not everyone gets to accomplish such a goal. But, what good is acquiring a new house without friends to celebrate it with?

There are many ways you can do this, and one of them is by throwing a party. It might sound like a demanding task, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. This article features a list of tips you can take into consideration while arranging your housewarming party.

Whether you decide to use an exclusive guest list, host an open party, or go all casual or fancy, you’ll still need a strategy. Of course, you’d want your guests to enjoy their time at your house and keep good memories of the party. As such, planning for the big day is critical. But, you don’t necessarily need to overspend; after all, you are still settling into the new house.

If you really want to throw an awesome housewarming party without breaking the bank and causing you enormous amounts of stress, keep the following points in mind:

Figure Out Your Spending Limit

Moving to a new house can be very costly, especially if it is miles away from your initial home. So, it makes sense to prioritize your financial strength at this time. You wouldn’t want to break your bank account in the name of a party. Always remember that you are not obligated to spend too much money to keep your guests smiling. It is possible to host a memorable party with a small budget.

Once you have figured out the amount of money you are willing to spend, create a list of essentials. With limited cash, you might end up missing some bits of food and drinks if you don’t plan well. The best way to go about this process is to make a list of all the important stuff. Make sure to scrape out anything that you don’t need for the party. This strategy will not only help you keep track of your spending, but will also ensure that every guest’s needs are addressed.

Wait For A Few Days Before Holding The Party

Wait For A Few Days Before Holding The Party

It is quite tempting to call your friends and neighbors to check your new house immediately after you move in. Well, this is a normal feeling for everyone, but are you ready to hold the party? Probably not! There are a lot of things that you need to do before you can invite anyone over. As such, give yourself at least a week or so before hosting your much-awaited housewarming celebration.

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What will you be doing during those seven days or so? First, make sure you unpack as many boxes as possible. You wouldn’t want to show off a disarranged house, would you? Of course, the unpacking could take a lot of time, especially if you are alone. So, it would be best to start with the most accessible areas, like your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Send Invitations As Early As Possible

Inasmuch as it is an informal meeting, try and make it reasonable for your guests. You wouldn’t want to ambush them on the last day and expect everyone to turn up. Even those who will come might do so just out of obligation. So, to avoid such mess-ups, send your invitations as early as possible to give everyone ample time for preparations.

Do you wonder how to notify your friends, relatives, and neighbours? Of course, calling them is an option. However, this is quite demanding, and those invited might end up forgetting. Luckily, the Internet has other options for you to try out, making sure everyone is aware of your housewarming party., for instance, allows you to send elegant invitations to your chosen guests, complete with personalised stamps and digital envelopes. Also, with such options, you get to keep track of each person’s RSVP. This will help you while budgeting for the food and drinks.

Invite Your Current Neighbors

There are a few better ways to catch up with your neighbors than a housewarming party. For one, let them know that you are welcoming, which will help you adapt quickly to the new environment. It is a place in which you’ll be living for some time or even the rest of your life. Having said that, the earlier you feel “at home”, the better.

So, how will you go about inviting people you’ve never met before? Well, there is only one way to do that, and that is by inviting them personally. If you are not outgoing, this can be a difficult task, but you need to muster some confidence. It could actually serve as an icebreaker for both of you to know each other. You can either visit them at their home or start a conversation with them as you stumble upon each other at a grocery store. After all, healthy relationships start with small gestures.

Consider Creating A Housewarming Registry

Consider Creating A Housewarming Registry

Have you held a housewarming party before? How was it? A great party is where all the guests come and laugh together while enjoying the drinks and background music. But, the best celebrations always include gifts–everyone likes them, anyway. As such, it is normal for every guest to feel obliged to bring with them a small gift. Most of the time, they would opt for something that you’ll use in your home, like flowers, kitchenware, and blankets.

The problem, however, comes in when some of the people bring duplicate housewarming gifts. A housewarming registry will help you avoid this issue. How this works is that a list of possible purchases is made and submitted to an online or offline store of your choice. The guests will, then, choose whichever brand of items that have been listed on the registry. Once bought, the store will check it out from the list. It will not only make it easier for the buyers to decide, but will also ensure that they’re able to purchase what you need and want.

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Decide On Your Decorations

Decorations induce a little more fun to the party and give it a celebratory mood. You don’t have to go for all that fancy stuff to bring life to your housewarming party. There is something for everyone when it comes to decoration selections. Whether your pockets are full or you’re working on a tight budget, you can always find something that will make the house even more beautiful.

Head to a store near you and make your selections. Make sure you choose the ones that rhyme with the day’s theme. You’ll notice that in terms of the prices, there is a value at both extremes. Some are very cheap, while others seem unaffordable because of the high price tags. So, decide wisely on what you need and buy them. But, remember that decoration is not a must. Just ensure the environment is well-kept.

A Big-Batch Cocktail Is Always The Answer

Drinks ought to be at the party for it to feel complete. Among other things, this is one thing that everyone expects to find once they arrive. The problem, however, is the fact that not all people like the same drink. So, you might end up buying brands that no one will enjoy drinking. Also, purchasing several brands can be expensive, considering the circumstances.

The good news is that you can avoid the guessing game by creating a signature cocktail. This option is a lot cheaper and could cost you only $30 to make one for a big crowd. You can also ask the guests what they like so you can buy the most popular brands among them. But, only take this route if your pockets allow; otherwise, cocktails are the best.

What’s Cooking?

As earlier stated, you have to determine how much your pockets can handle. Well, most of your cash will definitely be channelled to food. Therefore, for you to stay safely within your limits, you’ll need to decide wisely. It pays to be creative when it comes to food. If you select some of the best budget-friendly recipes, you’ll be delighted at how little you might spend.

If cooking is not one of your best talents, you can definitely find some budget-friendly fast food restaurants near where you live. Pizza is always the winner when it comes to this category. Just estimate the number of guests–that’s if it is an open house party–and buy what you feel is enough.

Another option would be to employ the idea of a potluck. Let everyone come with their favourite food. Many people like baking or cooking their best dishes, so it would be reasonable to let them share the results of their skills. Combine this idea with a dessert menu, and you’ll have a great occasion in your hands. One thing to note, however, is that if you are planning to make it a dessert party, don’t throw the party during mealtime. As such, guests will not expect to find a full spread of meals when they arrive.

Give The Party A Relevant Theme

Give The Party A Relevant Theme

Do you want to add more fun? Select a relevant and exciting theme for your party. Although it is an informal gathering, make sure you guide your guests on what will be going on at your premises. The aim is to ensure everyone enjoys their stay and to make it a memorable day for them. Even if you’ve never done this before, there is always a first time for everything. So it won’t hurt to try it out with friends.

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Coming up with a beautiful theme can be very tricky. But, to make it easier, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. For instance, what makes you unique as a house owner? What do most of your invited guests enjoy? Do you have a garden for an outdoor celebration? Your answers to these questions will determine the ideal theme.

Make sure it is relevant to the occasion and highlights your unique qualities, both as a neighbour and a friend. You may also include some fun activities in which everyone can engage. Apart from making the party a lot more enjoyable, it also gives people a chance to know one another better. You can take this opportunity to catch up with your neighbors.

Play Some Music To Set The Mood

Music has been the heart of every celebration since time immemorial. If, by any chance, you don’t include this in your plans, just know that you’ll be failing terribly in the entertainment department. You can miss to put decorations, but ensure that some cool tunes are blessing the atmosphere. Music does a lot of magic to a human’s soul; playing the right tracks will raise the emotions of your guests.

Do not panic if you are not sure of what to play on your speakers; the Internet has got you covered. There are several online platforms designed to offer customized playlists for various occasions. Take advantage of this idea and make your family and friends happy. You can also create your playlists from scratch.

Showcase Parts Of Your New House

The essence of holding a housewarming party is to celebrate the new chapter in your life. It won’t be complete without offering your guests a grand tour around the residence. If you have already set up all the rooms, you can explain to them what motivated you in setting up some of the decors.

This is also the best time to take one or two ideas from your trusted friends. You can use this additional knowledge to make your house even more beautiful and classy.


Moving into a new home is something that most people crave, especially if it is their dream house. One of the best ways to express your joy is by hosting a housewarming party. Let other people join you in celebrating this achievement.

It is normal to feel financially pressured immediately after this move, but don’t let this stop you from inviting your family, friends, and new neighbors to your party. There are several budget-friendly options you can consider if your account balance is too low. Planning for the occasion a few days or weeks earlier will also help with this.

Furthermore, a housewarming party is an excellent way to build friendships with your neighbors. Show them that you are friendly and they’ll welcome you to the new environment with open arms.