Significant Cultural Differences Between US and Polish Residents

Each nation has its own culture and traditions that sets it apart from the other nations. However, within each of these large, national groups, you will notice smaller subgroups.

If you are moving to Poland, you might hear some stereotypical responses from friends and family such as, ‘it’s a reclusive European country,’ ‘you will only get to eat pierogi,’ ‘Polish lifestyle is so different’ and so on.

However, before you start doubting your move, remember that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

Each nation has its own culture and traditions that sets it apart from the other nations. However, within each of these large, national groups, you will notice smaller subgroups.

Although these subgroups have their own set of values, practices, traditions and beliefs owing to varying factors such as age, gender, race, religion and so on, combined together, they define the overall culture of their country.

The United States of America is one of the few countriesthat is highly diverse in every aspect. This is because being amongst the largest countries in the world, it comprises several different regions where each group displays its own mentality. As it welcomes immigrants from all over the world, each of them too add a part of their beliefs and practices to make this huge country more diverse.

So while you may have experienced a rich culture living in the U.S., it’s true that in comparison, Poland is not so culturally diverse. However, it is this very uniqueness and differences that make Polish lifestyle beautiful in its own ways.

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Read on to find some of the most significant cultural differences between U.S. and Polish residents.


While many people believe that Poland is still under the Russian influence, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Although communist architecture style continues to define most of Poland’s cityscapes, it’s all that is. The fact remains that Poland became an independent democratic country more than 25 years ago and continues to be one!

Many senior Poles remember the consequences of the Soviet rule, but if you ask the younger generation, they will know only what they studied in their history class.


As music varies according to culture and social context, you will find several kinds of music in U.S. that range from classic, jazz and R&B to rock&roll, punk and rap and also lofi music. Youngsters in Poland however, mostly prefer pop, metal and hip-hop.

There’s no denying that the music market in U.S. is way more developed than the Polish music industry, but if you are willing to give it a try, it’s unlikely that you won’t fall in love with Polish songs too.

Food preferences

Food is our life in every sense. And what’s better, you will find the eating habits in Poland much healthier as compared to in the U.S.

Polish people prefer fresh, organic food over processed food that is highly common in the States. They will avoid turning to microwaveable food even in extreme circumstances, always choosing natural food instead.

Communicating with others

If you ask a Pole how they are doing, don’t expect the typical ‘fine’ in response.

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Polish residents are truly honest in expressing what they feel so if you hear them talking about the bad weather, traffic jam or any other topic, rest assured they aren’t complaining, they are sincerely communicating.

So, if you are moving to Poland, remember to move with an open mind and welcoming heart and you are bound to fall in love with your new citizens.