Top 11 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Hiring a commercial pressure washing company lets you tap into its experience, workforce, and other factors that make it a better solution compared to others in the market.

Buildings like office complexes, hotels, residential homes, and apartments are exposed to environmental dirt and pollution. Bird secretions, dust, acid rain, car fumes and exhaust, and run-off water also contribute to dirty walls.

Because of this, building walls and exteriors require constant cleaning and maintenance to enhance its curb appeal and image. There are various solutions, like in-house cleaners or professional cleaning companies, that can be tasked to perform exterior cleaning.

Hiring a commercial pressure washing company lets you tap into its experience, workforce, and other factors that make it a better solution compared to others in the market.

Below are the top benefits of hiring a commercial pressure washing company:

1. Access To The Best And Latest Equipment

Some commercial buildings have high walls, glasses, and areas that are hard to reach manually or with normal machines. Commercial pressure washing companies have invested in machines that achieve quality work and ensure the process is smooth and easy.
Access To The Best And Latest Equipment

As building technologies have evolved over the years, modern architectural designs have embraced pillars, skyscrapers, and use of materials such as glass as part of their visual appeal. Commercial cleaning companies have invested in machines like cranes and other safety gear that enhance the quality and safety of the cleaners, residents, and the building itself while performing the job.

2. Reduce Building Maintenance Cost

A pressure machine dispenses water and air at a high force to eliminate dirt and foreign particles while cleaning surfaces with ease.

Thus, cleaning walls in homes with this type of tool eliminates dirt that may become permanent stains.

Some of the costs that can be eliminated due to pressure washing are:

  • Repainting: Pressure washing machines get rid of dust, debris, and other stains. If walls and other surfaces are not attended to on time, the paint of the buildings are likely to peel off or become discolored.

Consistent cleaning with pressure washing machines and general maintenance can reduce the need for frequent painting.

  • Replacement Of Glass Panes: Glass panes are porous surfaces that can absorb dirt and other pollutants from the environment. Frequent cleaning can reduce the accumulation of dirt and prevent the likelihood of dust to be absorbed by glass panes.

It makes sense to involve high-pressure machines, especially in buildings that are designed with large areas of glass panes.

3. Boosts The Visual Or Curb Appeal Of Buildings

A building’s visual appeal is made up of design, materials, general maintenance, and other aspects like its color. Tenants, potential clients, and homebuyers are attracted by the outlook and the visual impression of a building, which makes cleaning important as this eliminates dirt, dust, and other materials that distracts from the attractive qualities of a building.

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If a building or an institution has a huge area, the in-house staff could be frustrated by the demands of cleaning using only brushes and brooms. A pressure machine can eliminate dust, and disintegrate other particles stuck on the floor with greater ease.

4. Boost The Health Of Building Users

Living and working environments play a big role in promoting the health of everyone involved. Employees, customers, and family members are likely to be affected by dirt, dust, walls littered with animal stains, and other toxic substances like mold if these are left unchecked.

Regular cleaning with reputable companies like City Wide BC is vital in eliminating such elements that compromise a healthy environment.
Boost The Health Of Building Users
Below are the health benefits an organization accrues from engaging commercial pressure washing companies:

  • Elimination Of Mold: Mold is a toxic organism that develops in buildings. It can be caused by moisture problems or damp conditions in buildings. Mold produces spores which, if ingested or inhaled, results in respiratory problems. Employees or customers can display symptoms such as cough, throat irritation, sneezing, nasal congestion, or runny nose.
    Cleaning companies with high-pressure machines can identify and clean surfaces with mold. They can also reduce instances of dampness, which are likely to develop into mold.
  • Prevention Of Allergies: People have different allergic reactions to various stimuli, including dust, pollen, and other fine particles. Buildings have many areas, accessories that can trap dust and fine particles.
    Manual cleaning cannot effectively eliminate dust and fine particles likely to cause allergies. But a high-pressure machine can, for instance, clean the duct used in the ventilation system to eliminate dust. Other surfaces like floor carpets need a thorough cleaning, which can be eliminated effectively with the help of high-pressure cleaners.
    As a building owner, you can say goodbye to severe respiratory symptoms and possible asthma among your workforce or customers.
  • Avoid Spreading Illnesses: A healthy environment is an ideal setup for any kind of person residing in a building or a house. With a clean and well-maintained space, residents, tenants, or employees can avoid getting sick and spreading diseases to other people with whom they share a space.

5. Boost Revenue Growth And Profitability Of A Business

Every effort in an organization is geared and directed towards the bottom line or revenue of a business. This includes visual appeal or the company’s general appearance, which can directly or indirectly affect how customers perceive and respond to your organization and its offerings.

Believe it or not, a thorough wash with the help of a high-pressure machine can affect your company’s revenue growth in the following ways:

  • Lead Magnet: Before a customer selects an establishment within a city block, they have to first be impressed by its general appearance. Thus, a brand’s competence can be reflected in how clean and well-maintained its establishment is. Buildings owners can frequently engage high-pressure washers to attain high standards of cleaning and the attained visual appeal can act as a way of attracting customers or getting many business inquiries.
  • Channeling Resources To Core Activities: Businesses that conduct in-house cleaning deal with the constant need to hire experienced cleaning crew, buy specialized equipment, and other accessories required for cleaning, which can be a distraction from the business’ core activities.
    Engaging a commercial pressure washing company eliminates the costs associated with cleaning buildings. The budget can be channeled to other core activities, thereby enhancing the revenue of a business.
  • Positive Online Reviews: Customers are always excited and willing to share a positive experience with other users. Businesses can receive reviews on online channels like social media about well-maintained buildings with motivated employees.
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Engaging pressure washing companies can improve a building’s appearance and boost the morale of employees. Customers will surely notice this kind of atmosphere, which can lead to positive online reviews that can improve sales and prospects for your business.

6. Leverage On The Company’s Experience

Cleaning companies have accumulated experience working for different clients with different building materials and machines. This reduces instances of experimentation, allowing them to channel their efforts and resources in an effective manner.

An establishment or a home can benefit from such a company in the following ways:

  • Use Of Machines: Every pressure washer has unique settings and materials that it performs best on. Without prior knowledge and experience, internal cleaning departments can make wrong decisions about the right machine and its applicability, affecting the work outcome.
    For this reason, it’s prudent to use a professional company to eliminate such wastage and mistakes.
  • Handling Of Different Materials And Surfaces: Glass is made with varying resistance to pressure. Experience and in-house training acquired by pressure washing companies improve the knowledge and preparedness against such challenges.
    As a result, buildings suffer fewer losses related to cleaning—some companies have insurance to cover such work-related accidents or incidents.
  • Removal Of Stubborn Stains: As buildings age and become exposed to various environmental conditions, stains can develop on walls, glass surfaces, and pavements.

Cleaning companies have the experience to know which cleaning agents and machines to use for better results.

7. Get Professional Service

Get Professional Service
Handling any work with professionalism guarantees good results. An in-house cleaning team might require constant supervision and any mistakes are the organization’s responsibility, so the better option is to hire a commercial pressure washing company instead.

These are some of the services that come with this type of company:

  • Insurance: The clean-up of commercial buildings, apartments, and homes involves several risks. There is the likelihood of being injured or falling when cleaning tall buildings. These injuries and potential fatalities have a risk of bankrupting companies if internally absorbed.
    Commercial pressure washing companies shield clients from such liabilities using work liability and professional covers.
  • Communication: A prescribed code of conduct compels companies to register with oversight bodies. This is vital in streamlining communication with the clients and customers visiting those buildings. With streamlined communication, customers will not be subjected to rude language or areas being cleaned without proper notice and signage.
  • Guarantees Accountability: Every organization worries about what would happen if a service request goes wrong. Damage to accessories like office furniture, building materials, or poor-quality work are some of these concerns.

Commercial pressure washing companies offer a service contract to their clients, thus forming the basis of accountability. Such a document establishes boundaries, liabilities, and what the client should expect at the end of the engagement.

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8. Pressure Cleaning Also Protects Surfaces

During winter, excess moisture sticks on a surface with other dirt particles that can be hard to clean. Also, oil substances can stick to walls, gates, and other frequently used areas like waiting bays. Cleaners in an in-house department may prefer to use tough detergents and chemicals to restore the surface’s look, which can create permanent scratches, color fades, or reduced gloss.

On the other hand, pressure washing machines are a non-invasive method that can provide extra protection to surfaces. For instance, pressure cleaners with a steam solution can clean greased kitchen accessories without putting dents and scratches on the surface.

Glass is also susceptible to breakages and scratches if not handled right. A commercial company understands which angle can protect glass from potential breakage. The pressure can also be adjusted to reduce the impact on vulnerable glass panes, like double-pane glass.

9. Improves The Value Of A Building Or A Home

The unchecked accumulation of dirt, debris, and other foreign materials damage certain aspects of a building. Mold, for instance, has the potential to damage the paint job and the interiors of a building. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, a thorough pressure wash can restore the properties and condition of surfaces, which can add to their value.

The condition of walls, pavements, exterior rails, and the roof can be a deal-breaker to a client. Pressure washing machines can be applied to remove grime or restore the original color and impression of a building.

Pavements, glass panes, roofing materials can also develop cracks and permanent stains, or they could be defaced—all of which are signs of reduced value. It’s advisable to routinely engage cleaning companies and pressure washing companies to maintain the condition and consequent value of buildings.

10. Restores The Gloss In Surfaces

Over time, painted walls, floors, and other interior and exterior surfaces lose the shine and gloss that made them attractive in the first place. Home and building owners tend to look for alternatives like repainting, refurbishing, or using additives like an artificial gloss to restore the visual appeal.

While the above steps are viable, a prior thorough cleaning enhances the outcome. Engaging a commercial pressure washing company is an important step to eliminate dirt and other fine particles before repainting.

11. Save Time

Cleaning is a thorough and comprehensive exercise that consumes resources and a large amount of time. Instead of getting an inexperienced service, a commercial cleaning company is better suited to achieve better results faster.
Save Time
The comprehensive clean-up exercise by a commercial washing company also reduces the need for to frequently clean the building.


The cleaning of homes and buildings is a vital exercise that must be accomplished regularly. Commercial pressure cleaning companies have specialized machinery and expertise needed for a better outcome.

By engaging in professional cleaning companies, you accrue benefits such as revenue growth, the restored value of buildings, professional service, and time well spent and saved. If you plan to sell a building, engaging a commercial pressure cleaning company is a sure way to restore its value and close a sale.