Best Ways to Protect your Garden From Wildlife

If you have grown a vegetable garden to enjoy off its produce, then most probably you are not the only one looking at your garden. Many times, someone from your neighborhood like a deer, rabbits, rodents would have eaten your veggies.

Keeping them away from your garden might be challenging as they are very persistent. Also some of them attack at night only. So here are some ways to protect your garden from wildlife.

1.Blocking Wildlife Access to your Garden by Fencing

Blocking Wildlife Access to your Garden by Fencing

The best way to protect your garden from wildlife is to block foreign access to it. You can apply a fence to your garden to stop the wildlife from your garden. But you need to identify what type of animal is destroying your garden. Like there are many types of fences available for different animals.
Deer Fences: You can apply Deer Fences if the main Wildlife entering your garden is Deer. It needs to be 8-10 feet tall because they can jump off the fences also. It is somehow expensive in comparison to other fences. If the deers are not overcrowded, you can also try a 4-5 feet tall fence that would protect from dogs also.

  • Wire Mesh fence: You can also build a wire mesh fence to protect your garden from basically small animals like cats and dogs. It needs to be 2-3 foot tall so that the cats and dogs cant climb over it. It is very less expensive in comparison to others.
  • Electric Fence: It is the best way to prevent animals from entering your garden. According to retailers and manufacturers of electric fencing, such as Equestrian Co. or Hotline, electric fencing is most frequently used to keep animals in, for example, you might be keeping ponies in your electric fencing will be a perfect solution in terms of cost and safety. But sometimes you’ll also want to keep wildlife animals out of your garden – electric fencing will protect your garden from wild boars, deers, rabbits and more.

2.Scaring them off your Garden

Scaring them off your Garden
You can protect your garden from wildlife if you use something that scares them off. Some of the methods to scare them from your garden are:

  • By having a pet: You can always have a pet like a dog or a cat in your garden that will scare off small animals like rodents or moles off your garden that pose huge damage to the garden.
  • Scarecrows: Most of the animals are scared of something bigger. You can befool them by installing scarecrows in your garden which will protect your garden from wildlife.

3.By Unpleasing them

By Unpleasing them
You can always keep the wildlife away from your garden by using something that is unpleasing to animals like urine or animal repelling sprays.

  • Growing something they dont like: If you find that the wildlife is continuously invading your garden and you cant adopt the above given methods, then you can simply grow something that they dont like. For example, if your locality is overcrowded by rabbits, try to grow something they dont like to eat. Your problem will be solved automatically. They would stop coming to your garden and find some other place to attack.
  • Spraying unpleasing sprays: Most of the times the scent of the veggies and flowers you plant attracts the neighborhood animals. In order to keep them away, you can spray something unpleasing. For example, you can spray animal repelling sprays or you can spray the urine of predator around the garden to keep them out of your garden.
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