How to Get Your Home in Shape for Summer

As warmer weather approaches, our thoughts turn to lighter evenings, long lunches, and the chance to clear out the cobwebs in our home and lives. As we revamp our wardrobes and fling open the windows, now is a perfect chance to get our homes in tip-top condition ready to enjoy the summer months. Read on for our hacks to help get your house in order and get ready to enjoy the sunshine!

Remember The Roof

It is easy to remember to take care of the stuff you can see, but don’t neglect one of the most important structures: your roof. The bad winter weather often leads to rain, snow, wind, and hail, and it is easy for your roof to become damaged by storms.

Take advantage of the dry spell to inspect your tiles and give the space a good deep clean to keep it in good condition. Any loose or missing tiles could be indicative of more severe damage and catching it early can save you money or an expensive repair bill later. An expert such as Gresham roof cleaning and repair services will have your roof space looking good as new in no time!

Clear Up Your Yard

Your yard is an integral part of your home, and one that tends to be neglected in winter. Heavy snowfall can cause damage to lawns and green spaces, and it is easy for leaves and debris to build up leaving the area looking messy. Brush away the dregs of the dreary weather with a good sweep and clear out andtake the chance to sort out garages and other storage areas to make way for new treats.

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It is also a good idea to trim back any overhanging trees and branches to allow new buds to thrive and give any grassy spaces a chance to breathe and recover. Why not use your time to choose the plants for your yard, and to plant that new flower bed– a splash of color is the perfect way to prepare for summer!

Be Gentle With Gutters

Another often overlooked aspect of your home is the gutters, and again, these are areas which can be adversely affected by bad weather. It is easy for them to become blocked, and without regular cleaning, they may leak causing damage to the brickwork and exterior surface of your home. Gutters are essential for draining away unwanted material safely, and so it is important to have them cleaned and checked regularly to ensure they are safe and secure.

Safety First!

Pathways are also an important box to check off your list. Make sure they are even and sturdy with no sticking out stones or loose slabs which could cause injury. In addition, moss and weeds can make some pathways slippery, and this could be dangerous as the number of foot traffic increases with more visitors during the warmer months. Make sure all your major access routes are safe, and you can enjoy your home in peace.