6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

You love your home and family and want to protect it from intrusion by unknown people. The best way to do that is to make sure you are aware of how burglars think. Here are six ways burglars admit you can keep your home safe from their unwanted break-ins.

1. Dogs

Do you have a dog? If so, you have the best deterrent to anyone that even thinks about breaking into your home. The sound or sight of a large dog signals the intruder needs to move on to a home that is more invasion friendly. Some people have even gone as far as putting recordings of a large barking dog on a loop, so that home invasion experts believe dogs live in their house.

2. Lights

Let there be light is the theme of anyone that wants to deter break-ins to their home. Whether it is motion activated yard lights or indoor automated lights, you can’t have enough of them to prevent possible thieves from entering your home. To be safe, after the lights are installed, make sure to walk the perimeter of your house to ensure there are no blind spots available for a burglar to stand for a long time without being noticed.

3. Timers

Through the magical use of timers, you can appear to be home, even when you aren’t. Just plug timers into lights, televisions, radios, or computers to have them cycle on and off. If a thief thinks you are home, he or she probably won’t break into the area to check if it is a fact.

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6. Privacy

Although you may be tempted to announce to the world that you are taking your family for a two week long trip to Ireland, the moment you put the message onto a social media site, you are also making yourself into a large neon flashing sign that says “come rob my home while I’m away.” Do yourself a favor and tell the world about your trip after you return from your journey.

Keep your home and family safe by using these six tips from professional burglars. They may seem like little steps to take, but if it works, why not use it! Feeling safe and secure inside your home is priceless.