8 Concrete Floor Maintenance

We shall be looking at how to maintain both your indoor and outdoor concrete floor in this post. Meanwhile, check here for quality concrete floor polishing.

Concrete floor is one of the strongest floor types out there and very rare to see a concrete floor properly done cracking.

But it does happen perhaps due to heavy load and heavy physical requirements. As much as this doesn’t affect the indoor concrete floor, it does many harms to the outdoor ones.

We shall be looking at how to maintain both your indoor and outdoor concrete floor in this post. Meanwhile, check here for quality concrete floor polishing.

8 Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips.

Keep The Floor Clean

Having a clean floor might seem surreal but it sure works. Debris such as small stones could cause a crack on the surface of the concrete floor if left unremoved for a very long time.

Pressure wash the concrete floor to remove even the tiniest debris and stains that may compromise your concrete floor.

Clean Spill Immediately

You wouldn’t want to leave a spill which if immediately taken care of shouldn’t matter. But leaving it for long might create permanent damage which might require much hassle afterward.

To clean spill or debris stuck to the floor, place a damp towel or clothe on the area and leave for 5 minutes. Then afterward wipe away the dirt.

Cleaning Agents Usage

Using harsh cleaners, bleach, or other chemicals use in cleaning could affect the seal on the surface of the floor. And also, while cleaning, it is advisable you don’t scrub the floor brushes, steel wools, or scouring pads as they are most times hard and can scratch the surface of the concrete floor.

Floor Treatment

One mistake most people make is forgetting or refusing to treat their concrete floors. Cleaning a surface without treating or sealing the same is akin to a waste of time. Because an unsealed floor is easily penetrable by mold, mildew, or algae infestation. To prevent this, ensure you seal the surface of your floor after every washing, say 24 hours after a thorough cleaning.

This may seem like a lot of works but it ain’t so compare to how much you will need for treating an infested floor.

Test Cleaners Before Use

Most cleaners result in discoloration of the floor surface. Ensure before using any cleaner, you test it in some inconspicuous area. Or you can better still take recommendations from a professional floor installer on what kind of cleaner is best for your concrete floor.

Concrete Floor Maintenance2

Repair Cracks

Crack repairs don’t need many works these days as there are many technological advancements concerning the same. You can repair a crack without necessarily needing to remove or replace the damaged floor. This is done with adhesive and some other repair materials, the process named crack chasing. This is better carried out by professionals.

Polish The Floor

Polishing a concrete floor is another good way to ensure it lasts long. Whenever the gleam seems to wear off or become dull, you should ensure you promptly touch the surface up.

Proper Upkeep

Doing all the necessary required maintenance work will come to waste if you are not always on the lookout for debris, damages, or degradation on a regularly

Upkeep could be from the regular sweeping of debris to cleaning up greases or dirt. And also checking on the sealant and resealing when necessary, this may be within six months to one-year interval though.


Depending on whether the floor is a new one or an old one is a great determinant on how and what to use in the cleaning and maintenance process. So, if this seems confusing to you, you should seek the advice of professional installers probably based on your trusted friend’s recommendations.

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