Mama’s Roles: Making all Special Occasions Memorable for Her Little Princess

Children grow fast. Today, she is one month old but you will never realize she is already one year old. Time flies so fast. On her childhood days, every occasion or event, whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or a school event, it will be considered a very important occasion hence as a mom, you wanted to capture every moment and make it a memory for both of you to look back when she grows.

As generations have past, the use of technology has also been advancing, from cameras with films, cameras with memory card until everything becomes handy. It is very rare in today’s generation that someone is holding a cellphone without a camera, wherever he/she goes. With these gadgets, whether a camera or a phone, you can take a photo of everything your daughter does. You may also be carrying a video-camera of which you can capture the more detailed activity.

Birthday Parties –

Birthday Parties

Your daughter’s birthday every year is a very special moment for her, for you and her dad. It is an indication of how many years she has been so blessed as well as how well you have been good parents to her that she was able to reach that age. You would have everything be recorded on these celebrations. Her first birthday however would be the most notable one. As a mother, you wanted everything to be perfect and will be preparing ahead of time. You will be searching for perfect dresses she could possibly wear on that day, whether it be online or from shop to shop. Online shopping will be a good option if you do not want to go from shop to shop. Some online sites such as JJ’s House do have a wide variety of children’s dresses where you could choose from. Meanwhile, going to a shop will also make a mom more satisfied as she can have a real feel of the dress and her daughter can try it on.

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Weddings –

Young children are so cute and adorable which is why they are always on weddings as flower girls. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to find the best flower girl dresses for these children. If the bride would give a store location or boutiques as to where to do some fitting, it will be a lot easier as these locations will definitely have the bride’s requested flower girl dresses for the kids. Meanwhile, finding the perfect dress should not be a problem for mom if done ahead of time. Preparing the little princess on that day will still be a priority for mom – her safety and comfort whilst wearing the beautiful dress as well as her sparkling flat shoes. Mom will also make sure to keep her daughter as pretty as ever, she will apply some light make-up on her. She will also prepare her gadgets to take photos and videos on how her daughter will walk down the aisle during the entourage.

School Events –

School Events
As the little princess is growing, there will be a lot of fun filled activities especially in school. Sometimes, these activities are done every month and with a theme. Parents are usually invited on these occasions and so, as parents, it is very important to clear whatever schedules during these days to witness your little one.

There are a lot more activities and occasions your little daughter will be attending or joining as she grows. As a mother, clearing your schedules and being with your daughter whilst making everything extraordinary, would be one of the greatest gifts you can ever give to her. Making an album of all the photos and keeping all videos you took since birth, will be her best present when she becomes an adult.