Move House: How to Protect Your Items That Are Most at Risk of Damage?

Are you planning to move? If yes, you have a huge to-do list ahead. You need to declutter and decide the items and belongings that you want to carry. Also, it is essential to pack the items and belongings well, so that there’s no damage caused on the way. As you choose the items you want to carry to the new house, you also need to secure the same. Some of the objectives and household items that are susceptible to damage are:

The electrical items

Your list of electrical items can range from the robust coffee makers to the DVD players and flat-screen television. Each is prone to damage in its way! To keep these items secured, you must say yes to professional removal service providers that are registered and have insurance as well. Are you planning to move electrical goods and items yourself? If yes, then you should dust down the television you want to carry. Else, the dust particles can lead to screen scratches or reach the back of the television. For other electrical goods, make sure to use bubble wrap. You can also use a solid box and Styrofoam. Make sure to keep every remotes and cable in one box.


Regardless of how excellently you assessed your brand-new property, squeezing an armchair, sofa, or table through your front door might require some careful angle adjustments. Usually, furniture gets damaged more during a move. It equally leads to wall scrapes and scuffs in the old property. Hence, it would be best if you were careful while moving furniture. Careful packing and support are essential. To know more about this, you can check out

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Take extra care of the breakables

You probably have breakables like glass wear and crockery in your moving list! These items are fragile and need special attention while packaging. Are you sure that these items can make it to the next house you are shifting? If yes, then you need to think whether you want to drop these in the moving fan or carry it yourself in your car. You can always use Styrofoam and bubble wrap as the packaging. Regardless of all that you do, ensure that the breakables get moved securely.

Give attention to the plants

Plants pose a challenge when you are planning a move! It is especially true for those plants, which shed leaves. Have you invested in outside and inside greenery? If yes, then chances are you have costly plants. Allow your expert removal company to suggest you smart ways to packing the same. They are well versed in this. Are you planning to move the plants by yourself? If yes, then go ahead and secure the plants by keeping them inside big boxes that have air holes.


It would be best if you got careful about mirrors. Mirrors are delicate and fragile. People, at times, have mirrors of different sizes, and some are placed on the wall as well. Take time to advise your moving company to pack the mirrors in such a way that it has no chance of breaking during the move. Also, it is essential to cover the mirror carefully. That way, you can save the mirror from developing scratches.

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Glass, wooden frames, and canvas are highly delicate. And that urges you to take special care of the artworks that you are planning to carry. Sometimes, the frames are costly, and any damage will add to the loss. Make sure that you wrap all the expensive and essential artwork in a bubble wrap. Place the artworks in a sturdy box after the wrapping and seal the box well. Also, make sure that you don’t place any canvas art close to objects that have sharp edges, such as a TV stand or table, to avoid any damages.

Take care of white goods

Even though your white goods can appear to be strong and solid, you need to take care of the same. Some of the white goods are fragile and require special packing during a move. For instance, the fridge freezers come with pipes on the back, which get damages with a sudden jolt. The goods’ weight increases the chance of sudden shocks, as the boxes might get dropped when the carrier has excess items to hold.

Following the guidelines mentioned above, you can save many household items from getting damaged during a move.